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So you are now in Qatar, The small Kingdom that located on a promontory of the Arabian Peninsula on the western coast of the Persian Gulf. You probably in Doha which is know as mini Dubai. with the modern architecture and more than 2 million residence. which make it a big and vibrant city.

If you are westerner, you have probably heard about Qatar more and more in past 4 years as this country became the host of the biggest Football tournament, FIFA World Cup 2022 which is take place in November.

If you are Pakistani, Indian or from East Asia regions you may heard of Qatar because of the massive job opportunities that is available in this country for past years.

No matter where you are from or what are you doing in Qatar, the fact is you are a foreigner in this country, which means you know many people in other countries. Among these people you can find your loved ones such as your family members or best friends. your schoolmates and as a human being we need to be in touch with them.

In a normal day in your home country when you miss your parents or friends you could simply pick up the phone and dial the number and make this connection happen. but while you are abroad the cost of regular phone call becomes so expensive so what exactly will you do in this situation? the common sense tells you that In 2022 you’d better use a VoIP service to make a free video call or voice call. if you don’t know what VoIP is, we should assure you already a VoIP user and installed some of VoIP apps on your Mobile phone.

Why is VoIP blocked in Qatar?

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over IP and there are some application that transfer concurrent data to make real-time call. its around 20 years that this technology is announced and is usable by companies in support department. After smartphones became so popular this technology added to communication apps like WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime, Viber and app like these.

So every time you make call with WhatsApp you are basically utilizing the VoIP technology.

Sad truth that you may already faced with is VoIP services are blocked in MENA region. so VoIP’s are blocked in Qatar. But why is that?

The Qatari government made a decision following the UAE authorities to block all VoIP services and apps to make sure the connection of users in the country to Internet can be under their control.

How to unblock WhatsApp call and other VoIPs in Qatar?

To Unblock WhatsApp call , FaceTime and in general all VoIP services in Qatar, the only tool you need is a VPN Which should be compatible with your device. But not every VPN app can help you with this as Internet restrictions in Qatar is very complicated you should use a VPN that is designed for this country.

MenaVPN is the only VPN app that works in MENA region smoothly and firmly.

MenaVPN is the leader of VPN apps in UAE market in 2022. and lately it completely optimized for users in Qatar as well so you can get MenaVPN on Appstore or Play Store and bypass restrictions in Qatar.

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