Best VPN for iphone in UAE[2023 update]


What is the best VPN for iPhone in UAE?

MenaVPN is the best VPN app for Android and iOS.
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MenaVPN enables you to make WhatsApp calls, FaceTime, unblock games, Stream online, and access other geo-restricted websites.

Today the United Arab Emirates as known as the UAE is a popular destination for having a sunny and hot holiday beside the beach or spending some time in one of the most luxurious cities on earth, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

With many American and European universities in Dubai, many students around the world would prefer to relocate to the UAE to start their education there.

The UAE is also an attractive country for work. With 0% income tax in UAE many highly skilled and non highly skilled workers form India ,Pakistan, Philippine, US, UK and Europe pursue their career in international companies in UAE.

As UAE is one of the tax havens of the world, there are a large number of European and American companies that have relocated to this country with the intention of paying 0 money as taxation.

Difficulties of living in UAE

Regardless of the hot and humid weather with dust in the air , living in UAE may cause you serious issues in communication. (However it is not that harsh)

In UAE you are not able to make free video and voice calls no matter if you are an iPhone user or another device.

It simply means in UAE you can’t use WhatsApp calling, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber or Facetime on your iOS device whether it is an iPhone or iPad.

You might wonder why such a problem exists, in short UAE authorities have decided to prevent any potential risk for national security by blocking all VoIP services and apps in UAE.

If you want to learn more about VoIP blocking and how to unblock it in UAE you can read this blog post.

The best solution to unblock VoIP apps for iPhone in UAE

Unblocking VoIP apps including WhatsApp calling and Facetime is only possible by using a good iOS VPN app.

UAE continuously try to block ports that VoIP services use to make connections. and it is only possible to unblock by using a valid VPN app.

There are many VPN apps out there including free and paid VPNs but you should always consider that the best VPN that always can provide you a good and reliable service are the paid ones.

If you want to know more about the best VPN app in UAE and what are the differences between paid VPNs and free ones you can read this article.

Why can’t I play Roblox on my iPhone in UAE?

There is also a common question among many gamers in UAE. Roblox and some other mobile games are blocked in UAE. so you can play these games on your iPhone or any other iOS device.

Using a VPN will empower you to play Roblox on your phone. to know more about how to play Roblox in UAE, simply check out this post.

Is it legal to use a VPN for iPhone in UAE?

We face this question everyday from our new users. Our perception of UAE’s law is that using a

VPN for doing a simple normal calling through WhatsApp or Facetime can’t be illegal as they clearly stated in the law:

“ Using a VPN in UAE is illegal if used for committing a crime or hiding a crime.”

As said it is our perception of the law and you shouldn’t count it as a fact. so users must do their own inquiries and research and use VPNs at their own risks.

If you want to learn more about using a VPN or not you can check out this link to get more insights about this law and also if you wonder there might be a fine if you use a VPN app on your device, you can also read this  article as well.

Best VPN for iPhone in UAE

There are many VPN apps on Appstore for free and with subscription but based on our research almost 90% of them do not work properly on any iOS device. especially on the iPhone.

The reason is that UAE authorities block default VPN ports frequently. As a result normal VPN can’t unblock VoIP apps because they have to be optimized for MENA telecommunication systems and specifically for two UAE’s giant telecom providers, Du and Etisalat.

Based on this, there are few VPN apps for iPhone that can provide you with a high quality of service. As you may already know, all of these VPN apps are subscription based and you need to buy a monthly or annual subscription for you iPhone using Credit/Debit card or via in-app purchase with your sim card or using your account balance. If you want to know more how to buy a VPN for your iPhone, read this blog post to learn more.

MenaVPN best VPN for iPhone in UAE

  • MenaVPN for the past 3 years has provided VPN apps to users of UAE from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and the whole United Arab Emirates with the highest possible speed and quality.

  • If you check out the rating and reviews on Appstore we got from our users in UAE you will be amazed by the rating of 4.7 that turns MenaVPN into the best VPN of UAE for iPhone and iPad.

menavpn rate

  • Unlike many other VPN apps that ask for purchase before providing a free trial MenaVPN provides a 7-days free trial without asking for your credit card.

  • Once you download MenaVPN app for iOS or Android you don’t need to add any email so you won’t share any personal details of yourself with us and if you use apple in-app purchase as your payment method. you’ll be 100% anonymous to MenaVPN.

  • MenaVPN has many different ways of support so you can simply send us an email using [email protected] or leave a message on WhatsApp , or send us a message in our in-app support.

  • MenaVPN is based in the Netherlands and registered as MenaVPN Holding BV. This means the company is 100% aligned with the EU users’ privacy protection law. and we don’t store or collect any of our users’ activities. So while MenaVPN is turned on , you can explore the web with the maximum privacy level just the same as users in the European Union.

  • MenaVPN has the cheapest price for VPN and you can buy it with any payment method like paying by credit cards, PayPal, in-app purchases and even pay by mobile sim cards. you can checkout this link

  • If you are still in doubt about buying MenaVPN you can always send us your questions and concerns. We would be so happy to help you.

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