Best VPN in UAE


What is the best VPN in the United Arab Emirates?

MenaVPN is the best VPN app for Android and iOS.
It is available for Free Download below.
MenaVPN enables you to make WhatsApp calls, FaceTime, unblock games, Stream online, and access other geo-restricted websites.

If you search in Appstore word “VPN” you see many VPN apps being listed for you to being installed on your device with your command.

But as you experienced it already, most of these VPN apps are not working in UAE.

You might wonder why VPN apps are not working in UAE and which VPN app or apps is the best for UAE? Keep up with us in this article and get your answer shortly!

Why VPNs are not working in UAE?

Answering to this question is quite easy. those who make the internet restrictions and censorship in UAE are the ones who occurs interruptions on VPN apps in this country.

Users not only UAE but also whole MENA region suffers form internet restrictions such as prohibiting of access to adult content and pornography, accessing to VoIP service like WhatsApp video and audio calling, skype, facetime and accessing to many popular games such as Roblox and so on.

The only solution to this is to download and install a VPN that is 100% tested in UAE and compatible with 2 major internet providers of UAE, Etisalat and Du.

So never pay for a VPN in UAE if you haven’t the chance to test it first.

Because based on our researches 98% of VPN apps are not working in UAE.

MenaVPN is the only VPN app that provides you a full access to internet with no restrictions in UAE.

Based on the users feedback we got 4.7/5 stars in UAE’s AppStore. Which makes MenaVPN the best VPN in UAE.

Below you can see the proof for this.

You can Download MenaVPN below and test it for free!


How can I know a VPN works before paying?

Whether you are an iOS or Android user, watch out that they don’t ask for payment before giving you access to the main page(where you can turn the VPN on)

Because they first charge you and you are going to loose money.

Despite of many other paid VPN apps in UAE , MenaVPN never ask you to add any payment method before you test , additionally, In MenaVPN gives you the opportunity of using the app for 7 days. so you will have enough time to test the app and see how it the connection quality of the VPN and whether it unblock Whatsapp call, Facetime , or any other app and website.

MenaVPN guarantees you’ll get a high quality connection for your calls and streaming use.

You can simply download MenaVPN on your devices and test it for free form the links stated below:


Why is MenaVPN the best VPN in UAE?

MenaVPN team has more than 10 years of providing VPN services in Mena region. this experience gave us enough power and ability to know how to bypass internet restrictions in Middle east and north Africa.

For past 3 years we have focused on UAE internet censorship. so we have found best solutions for unblocking these types of internet blocking in UAE.

Below you can see the features of the best VPN in UAE:

  • MenaVPN has 7 days Free trial

  • MenaVPN Unblock VoIP apps like: Whatsapp call, skype, Facetime, Viber,..

  • No email required to signup

  • Up to 4 devices can use the VPN with one purchase.

  • Best price for yearly package in whole market

  • Provide VPN for ios, Android, Mac and windows

  • 24/7 support team!

If you have any questions about MenaVPN app, you can always drop us a message in whatsapp chat or in-app support chat.

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