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On the safety of VPN use in the UAE

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Can VPNs be tracked in the UAE, or anywhere, for that matter? The short answer would be no, but a better answer would be this: it’s going to be very difficult. A VPN does end-to-end encryption of your data, hence only your device and the receiving end can decrypt it, so monitoring your live online activity is impossible.

However, there are ways to find out whether you’ve used a VPN or not, and as far as we know this can only be done by the authorities; they can go to your Internet Service Provider, and ask for information about a change of IP, which a VPN does. But even for this, the authorities have to acquire a court order, and since you haven’t used a VPN for criminal purposes, -since most likely you’ve used it to call a family member via WhatsApp or to watch an episode of your favorite show on Netflix- we guess they wouldn’t bother with it.

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A very little Guide to the Internet in the UAE

Since probably the dawn of the internet in the UAE, its residents have had to face a stonewall of filtration and restriction every day. Today, accessing certain websites, apps, and services is nearly impossible without the aid of an anti-filtration device, such as a VPN. As you probably are aware, the most devastating of these restrictions is that of the VoIP services like WhatsApp, FaceTime, and Skype. Needless to say, the UAE is not alone in this. Though internet censorship exists in almost every country in the world to some extent, it’s gone amok in some more than others. The restriction of VoIP services for example is a common practice among the gulf nations and MENA(Middle East and North Africa)-region countries. Countries like Russia, Turkey, and China also highly try to restrict and control the flow of open internet in their countries.

The Legal Issues around Using A VPN in the UAE

The UAE itself has around 5000 websites and online services listed for censorship. There are immediate legal measures behind this act. Besides that, when the average user tries to overcome these difficulties and bypass the restrictions, the governments like UAE try to even restrict their access to these means of anti-filtration such as VPN as well. That’s why in the case of the United Arab Emirates, regulations came to pass that outlawed the use of anti-censorship methods, with penalties and fines of different shades coming along with it. They also try to interrupt connections with IPs from other locations and more to make it more difficult to use VPNs. So to be quite clear, in the UAE, to use tools that liberate and open up the internet is a bit risky, even though the authorities are ostensibly only after those who employ these tools to hide criminal activity. A disclaimer seems to be in order: We are not legal experts, and what we say here is just a reflection of personal opinions on how things stand. To get a more exact take on the legal order of things in the UAE, consult a lawyer.

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Is a VPN Really Private and Secure in the UAE?

Not all VPNs are as safe as we want, not if they’re not acquired from a reliable source. VPNs are the most efficient, cost-effective, and popular anti-censorship devices in the world, but also a tool to maintain privacy. We use VPNs just to unblock WhatsApp and call a family member or a friend, get access to services like Netflix and do some streaming in UAE, or play a game on a platform like Roblox in UAE. We don’t have to worry about prosecution since we aren’t doing anything harmful to others. With that in mind, we might be worried about other third parties present in the online scene trying to access our data. Here we must face the issue of the safety level of VPN use. Can my WhatsApp call be tracked, or even listened to? Are my search history and other personal data being seen and stored somewhere? If we don’t get worked up on these issues to the point of becoming paranoid about them, there should be some solace in the fact that by using the right VPN, we can always avoid any kind of security breach in our connection and surf the web without the slightest worry. So the thing to be really concerned about would be how to choose the right VPN for your needs in UAE, because there’s so many of them on the market and it should be a VPN that works in UAE. Hence the real question is where do you get such a VPN?

What Are the Qualities of a Good VPN in the UAE?

We took it for granted that you already know that to have a VPN in UAE is a must not a nice-to-have, and why every UAE resident needs a VPN. So what you need to know now is how to find the right VPN. As you well know, a VPN is primarily as good as its unblocking abilities. It has to be fast so you can use it to make swift calls via WhatsApp, FaceTime, and other VoIP services. We ultimately need to get around our WhatsApp blocked calls, learn how to unblock FaceTime in UAE, and through the throng of brands we have to find which VPN is the best VPN in UAE. It has to have multiple servers from various locations with as many ports as possible, so you can bypass geo-restrictions from platforms like Netflix and never get stuck with one network. It also has to be affordable, guarantee your privacy, and have a free trial.

Mena VPN is the VPN Every UAE Resident Needs

The qualities we just mentioned are such a collection of favorable items that it may seem impossible to find all of them in one product, but Mena VPN would surprise you. It is, in the opinion of many of its users based on its ratings, the top VPN in the UAE and Dubai. It 100% follows EU privacy policies, being based in the Netherlands, so it won’t collect any of your data while providing you with the same level of encryption that a user accessing the internet from Europe has, which ultimately means that your connection is as secure as possible. Also, Mena VPN’s support team is always there to help you along the way, 24/7, whenever you run into problems with your connection, giving you instructions on how to receive the best quality and connect to faster servers. Mena VPN is the only VPN that’s designed specifically for the needs of a MENA region user and UAE residents in particular. As we discussed, a good VPN like Mena VPN offers you a 7-day free trial of the product, so you can try it out before you pay at all, and see that what we say about its qualities is no exaggeration, and of course, Mena VPN costs less than any other major brand on the market. There’s a money-back guarantee there too, so why hesitate? Download it now and enjoy!

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