How to unblock Viber in UAE?

unblock Viber in UAE

Is Viber banned in Qatar?

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The ban on Viber and other Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls in the UAE is a somber chapter in the digital communication landscape. While these applications offer a lifeline for global connections, the UAE government’s restrictions aim to balance technological advancements with cultural and regulatory frameworks.

The ban, which encompasses various VoIP services, including Viber, has left residents and expatriates grappling with communication limitations. This move, often tied to concerns about the impact on traditional telecom revenue, has unfortunately severed an affordable and accessible means of communication for many.

It’s a poignant reminder of the intricate dance between technological progress and the preservation of cultural values. As users yearn for the ease and cost-effectiveness of VoIP calls, the ban underscores the challenges in navigating the evolving dynamics of digital communication within the confines of regulatory constraints.

In a world that increasingly relies on instant connectivity, the void left by the absence of Viber and similar services is felt acutely, highlighting the complexities surrounding the intersection of technology, culture, and regulatory decisions in the UAE.

Step by step to unblock Viber in UAE?

So, you’re in the UAE, missing those late-night Viber calls? No worries, let’s break free from the restrictions. Here’s a step-by-step guide to unblock Viber using a VPN – your virtual passport to unrestricted communication.

  1. Choose a Reliable VPN: Start by selecting a VPN service known for bypassing restrictions. Quality matters here, so go for a reputable provider like Mena VPN.
  2. Install the VPN App: Once you’ve chosen your VPN, download and install the application on your device. It’s usually a quick process – a couple of clicks, and you’re on your way.
  3. Launch the App: Open your newly installed VPN app. The interface is typically user-friendly, so no need for a tech manual.
  4. Select a Server Outside UAE: Now, this is the magic move. Choose a server located outside the UAE. This step masks your real IP address, making it appear as though you’re browsing from another location.
  5. Connect to the Chosen Server: Hit that connect button and let the VPN work its charm. Within seconds, you’re virtually transported outside UAE borders.
  6. Open Viber: With the VPN now active, launch your Viber app. You’ll notice the freedom to connect and communicate without those pesky restrictions.
  7. Enjoy Unrestricted Viber: That’s it! You’ve successfully dodged the digital barriers. Now, go ahead, make those calls, send those messages – Viber is your oyster.

Remember, it’s all about choosing the right VPN, navigating a straightforward installation, and connecting to a server outside the UAE. With Mena VPN leading the way, you’ll be back to enjoying Viber as if those restrictions never existed. Happy chatting!

Viber alternatives in UAE

  1. WhatsApp: At the forefront of the communication game in the UAE, WhatsApp stands as a juggernaut, offering an all-inclusive suite of messaging, voice, and video call features. It’s the go-to app for seamless and comprehensive communication.
  2. Telegram: Positioned as the cool kid on the block, Telegram combines security with versatility. It provides a secure chatting platform with a touch of flexibility, making it a favorite among users.
  3. Signal: As the privacy advocate in this lineup, Signal takes a stand with encrypted messages and calls. If security is a top priority, Signal is the app of choice for keeping your communications confidential.
  4. Facetime: Holding the title of the Most Valuable Player (MVP), especially for Apple users, Facetime ensures high-quality video calls. It seamlessly integrates into the Apple ecosystem, making it a standout choice for iPhone users.
  5. Zoom: Known for its versatility, Zoom transcends the boundaries of professional meetings and seamlessly transitions into casual catch-ups. It adds a collaborative element to your communication toolkit.
  6. Google Duo: Embracing the role of the wildcard, Google Duo keeps things simple and effective. It offers a quick and straightforward solution for those looking to connect without unnecessary complexities.
  7. LINE: Adding an element of fun to the mix, LINE brings cute stickers and a user-friendly interface to your conversations. It’s the app that infuses a bit of personality into your communication.
  8. Imo: The quiet achiever in this lineup, Imo ensures reliable voice and video calls without unnecessary fanfare. It’s the app that gets the job done efficiently.
  9. Skype: As the veteran in the game, Skype continues to hold its ground with exceptional call quality and a familiar interface. It’s the reliable choice for those who appreciate a tried-and-true communication platform.

In this diverse set of alternatives, each app brings a unique flavor to the table. Regardless of your communication preferences or the situation at hand, these alternatives ensure that staying connected in the UAE is a seamless and enjoyable experience. If Viber is taking a backseat, explore this spectrum of alternatives, each offering a plethora of features and styles to suit every communication need. The options are abundant, and the game of staying connected is always in full swing!

Best VPN for VoIP calls

Say goodbye to VoIP call restrictions with Mena VPN, your virtual passport to unlimited and crystal-clear communication. Let’s break down the reasons why Mena VPN is the unbeatable champion:

  1. Global Network: Mena VPN boasts a sprawling network of servers around the globe, offering you a plethora of choices for connecting seamlessly.
  2. Fortress-Grade Encryption: Your calls deserve the best protection, and Mena VPN delivers with military-grade encryption, ensuring your conversations remain strictly yours.
  3. Zero Logging Policy: Concerned about privacy? Mena VPN doesn’t keep tabs on your online activities, adhering to a strict no-logs policy for maximum confidentiality.
  4. Need for Speed: Lag? Not on Mena VPN. Experience lightning-fast connection speeds, perfect for uninterrupted, buffer-free calls.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: No tech wizardry required. Mena VPN is designed for everyone, with a user-friendly interface that makes connecting a breeze.
  6. Customer Support that Cares: Got questions? Mena VPN has your back with responsive customer support, ready to assist you on your VPN journey.

Unblocking VoIP calls isn’t just about breaking barriers; it’s about enhancing your communication experience. With Mena VPN, it’s not just a service; it’s your ticket to a world where your calls know no bounds. Dive into the seamless world of VoIP with the best companion you could ask for – Mena VPN.

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