Is using a VPN in Dubai illegal?(true answer)

Is it legal using a VPN in Dubai

What are the consequences of using a VPN in Dubai?

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When you start living in a new country, you’d better get to know the local law even about simple things such as the way you use Internet including visiting websites with adult content, buy and sell cryptocurrencies and many other online activities that in western world is very normal.

When you are in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and specially in UAE you should be double cautious about the rules and local laws because this country is managing by Islamic laws and most of the things that Islam has banned, it is also prohibited in UAE.

As a result in a modern city like Dubai you shouldn’t be seduced by the appearance of the city which looks like New York or Chicago since  in the heart of these cities always Islamic rules determine the laws.

Therefore you should always be updated about Dubai’s law when you are residing there.

Internet restrictions in Dubai

UAE authorities have decided to block some websites and applications because of some Islamic rules and national security priorities.

Based on what TRC (ministry of telecommunication of UAE)announced years ago following contents are prohibited in UAE :

  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies

  • Making VoIP calls

  • Publishing pornographic contents.

  • Publishing contents against UAE authorities

  • Publishing content against UAE’s king and Dubai’s ruler

Considering these prohibitions authorities decided to ban the access to all the websites and apps that were providing services and contents above.

As a consequence users in all major cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi lost their access to apps like WhatsApp call, Skype, Viber and many other websites.

How to bypass Internet restrictions in Dubai

So you want to unblock VoIP apps in Dubai to access WhatsApp calling, Facetime or access to any other blocked website in UAE.

There is a very simple solution for that , use a VPN app that is optimized with the internet providers of Dubai.

There are 2 main internet providers in Dubai. Du and Etisalat. These 2 companies executed orders from Dubai’s authorities and blocked the services and websites in Dubai.

Based on this , there are only a few VPN apps that can bypass Internet restrictions in Dubai.

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Is using a VPN legal in Dubai?

One of the most frequent questions that our users ask us is if using a VPN is legal or not?

Based on what Dubai’s authorities claimed:

“Using a VPN is illegal if you use it to commit a crime.”

In other words if you have a VPN app on your device and use it in Dubai to make free calls on WhatsApp, Facetime to your beloved ones or watching a movie on a popular streaming service like Hotstar or Netflix you won’t get any fine for using vpn in UAE. Because you haven’t done anything that can be defined as a crime while you have connected with a VPN. but if you use a VPN app to hide your IP and contact a government opponent via WhatsApp calling then you committed a crime. And for sure you’ll get a fine.

Please consider that we are not legal experts, and you’d better do your own research and use VPN at your own risk in Dubai.

If you want to know more about the legality of installing and using a VPN app not only in Dubai but also in the whole UAE, you can read the following article to learn more.

Is it legal using a VPN in UAE

How to buy VPN in Dubai

When you find a good VPN that works in UAE . You need to consider some important points before purchasing from that website or app. We have written an article on How to buy VPN in UAE. so you can read it in less than 4 minutes and make a wiser decision.

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