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Choose the Right VPN for Abu Dhabi

MenaVPN is the best VPN app for Android and iOS.
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MenaVPN enables you to make WhatsApp calls, FaceTime, unblock games, Stream online, and access other geo-restricted websites.

The UAE has banned many websites, apps and services that are vital to most modern individuals all over the world. This ban goes rampant in every city and every corner of the country, so obviously Abu Dhabi is no exception. Other than this, there is an added difficulty in the choice of your anti-restriction method, since they come in all packages and prices, and you will definitely feel lost trying to spot the right one. In the case of a VPN, the most popular, cost-efficient and safe option available, you have this problem in a major scale. There are free VPNs, paid ones that don’t work in Abu Dhabi, those which work at first but suddenly they don’t and the support teams aren’t responsive or take too long to answer, and more. Here we try to give you some clues about it generally to be able to find the right VPN for Abu Dhabi, and have it at a reasonable price too.

What’s a Good VPN for Abu Dhabi like?

A VPN worth real money should at least do these things without difficulty:

  • It should work on any device and thus the app should support every Operating System, hence it should be the best VPN for iOS in UAE as well as the best for android, Windows and Mac etc.
  • A good VPN should’ve been tested and rated by its users and these rates and marks should be high. There’s no VPN with a 2,3-star rating that’s worth time and money.
  • There is no way that a VPN based in Abu Dhabi or in Riyadh is reliable and especially trustable. You have to acquire your VPN from a source whose headquarters are based preferably either in a European country or the US, so that you’re sure they won’t collect or share your data or put it to any use whatsoever.
  • Having a big number of servers in a lot of locations is paramount to a good VPN for Abu Dhabi residents. You can’t be stuck to a handful of servers since there’s always the possibility of it being shut down or malfunctioning. A good VPN has many servers in reserve for these kinds of situations.
  • Since Unblocking WhatsApp and other VoIP services is the main reason you’re purchasing a VPN, it should provide you with servers in places where this technology isn’t restricted.
  • Also, free trials are a necessity so you can check that it’s a VPN that works in UAE. A good VPN gives its users a chance to get to see for themselves, and a trial phase is exactly there for this reason.
  • Fast and reliable support. It is of greatest importance especially in the UAE and Abu Dhabi, since there’s constant disconnects imposed by the authorities. Servers time-out, ports are closed, etc. This should be tested in the trial period, so you can measure how quickly they respond to your connection issues.
  • Let’s make sure of one thing. A good VPN is never free. It’s an unwritten rule when it comes to choosing VPNs. To provide their users with the features and the privacy they need, the VPN companies need a sufficient revenue, which is proved to be the key to every healthy product. And the free VPNs cut around here and there either on your privacy(using servers that are exposed), or on the quality of the connections.

Unblock VoIP in Abu Dhabi

To unblock VoIP services such as WhatsApp and FaceTime in the UAE is a necessity, since they provide you with some of the best free features in the whole communication world, that is, the VoIP technology which has proved to be faster and safer, and much more cost effective than traditional phone lines. For expats living in Abu Dhabi or elsewhere in the UAE, this makes a huge difference, since for their long-distance calls they don’t have to pay a large sum to a telecom company such as Etisalat, but simply use the internet for a much smaller cost. Now that’s in peril because of the restrictions imposed on the internet by the UAE government, and on VoIP service providers, such as WhatsApp and FaceTime, in particular. Here’s where VPN comes to rescue. Using a VPN is a most efficient method to unblock WhatsApp calls and restore the normal internet access, but as we all know, there’s loads upon loads of stuff on the market carrying the word VPN along with their own title. It’s a needle in the haystack kind of scenario, finding the best VPN out of the multitude. Now we are here to help you do that, by first naming the qualities to look for in a good VPN, and then introducing the best so you don’t have to look any further.

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What is the best VPN in Abu Dhabi?

Here’s why Mena VPN is not only the best VPN in Abu Dhabi, but also the top VPN for use in UAE, and the whole MENA region.

The company that owns the brand Mena VPN is based in the Netherlands which means the service it provides is 100% in accordance with the European Union’s privacy policy, that is, they will not collect any of your data while providing you with the same level of encryption that a European user enjoys, and it also means that your connection will be as secure as possible. Besides, Mena VPN has a 24-hour support team always ready to help you along the way, whenever you run into problems with your connection, and gives you advice on anything and everything VPN. Mena VPN is the only VPN that’s designed for the needs of a MENA region user in general and the UAE and Abu Dhabi residents in particular. As we discussed, like any good VPN, Mena VPN offers you a 7-day free trial of the product, so you can try it out before you pay a dime, and see that what we say about its qualities is no exaggeration, and of course, Mena VPN costs less than any other major VPN on the market.MenaVPN has the lowest price among the VPN providers while offering the same if not better quality as other major brands on the market. You can purchase it with your own chosen method of payment, either by credit cards,  PayPal, in-app purchases, see, or, even through mobile sim card payments.

Read our blog on the 5 VPNs to Avoid in the UAE to get some ideas about what other VPN brands look like compared to Mena VPN. You can download it now and let it speak for itself. Mena VPN offers a money-back guarantee policy too, so you can’t go wrong, can you?

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