What Role Can a VPN Play in Protecting your Online Security in the UAE

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In order to understand why VPN is essential for every single person residing in UAE, read this blog post.

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Consider how important it is to have access to the internet without restrictions. Whether you need it to maintain your business remotely, to keep in touch with family and friends, to remain up-to-date with access to fresh and bias-free information and news, or maybe to just have the option left open so you can enjoy any of them anytime you need. One could almost say that it feels like a kind of security, that your internet access is secured. It can be regarded as a kind of luxury, in some parts of the world. That’s what we tend to forget when we aren’t thinking of its absence, that it can be taken away from us. So we arrive at the case of the UAE, along with a (not so small) number of other countries, where the internet has been censored or filtered, and it is restricted as a result. A huge bulk of the content on the internet is blocked. The major reason that one can say that to have a VPN in the UAE is a must and not just a nice-to-have is that all the important VoIP-using apps such as Whatsapp and FaceTime, for those who want to watch somthing by streaming in the UAE, services like Netflix and HBO max, and for others who like to use gaming platforms like Roblox in UAE, are not available.

This all seems pretty ominous, there seems to be no way out, and I for sure am about to lose hope. Here’s where the hero of our story comes in, the mighty VPN, which starts by giving you back your online freedom, that security, and then it will offer you other kinds of securities. There are many VPNs on the market, and we’ll show you the top VPN to use in UAE, but before we do that, I know I’d want to get to know it better, wouldn’t you?

O VPN, What art thou?

An interview

I: Hi Mr. VPN!

VPN: Hello world!

I: That’s a classic VPN!

VPN: Oh, yeah. Like you know me!

I: Sorry, you’re right. (Bear in mind that a VPN is a very sensitive creature) Could you please introduce yourself?

VPN:  Sure. I am VPN, son of VPN, son of another VPN, all going back to the great All father internet.

Good old VPN! He’s still got a sense of humor even after all these years of service. Did you know that VPNs existed since the dawn of the Internet? Dear old VPN indeed!

I: Yes, I’m sure that’s true. But I mean what are you, technically?

VPN: (with a certain sad philosophical look) Oh, I’m just a plain old Virtual Private Network. (Humble too, he is)

I: (after a long pause, waiting in vain for our friend VPN to elaborate) And could you tell us what that is, dear VPN?

VPN: (he wants to but is a little bit shy about it, so I give him the kindest look I can, and he gives way) Alright. Do you know what Virtual means?

I: Sure, it means, something that’s not exactly slap-in-the-face or flesh-and-bone real, but kinda is, real.

VPN: Yeah, I make those kinds of Networks, except they’re Private.

I: (with a serious face) That’s very funny. Care to explain it a bit more?

VPN: Okay. I’m like the middle-man, an intermediary between the internet and the user, and I do it privately. The user clicks on a link to a website or something like that, and since I’m there, instead of her actual IP, I go and visit the website, gather the data and tunnel them through my very own private encrypted connection, and let it reach the user while she remains anonymous. Yeah, I’m that good.

I: So what you do is make the internet safer for the user, from hackers and online eavesdroppers or even advertising agents? Boy, you’re really something.

VPN: (looking like a million bucks) That’s right, sir. Only doing my job. Glad to be of service. Though I’m mostly known for my anti-censorship and bypassing abilities. That I do just for fun. You know, it’s not right to restrict people’s access to something that’s supposed to be free to all.

I: That’s why you are used so much these days. So I wonder, can you unblock every blocked content?

VPN: Yeah, pretty much.

I: Even WhatsApp and other VoIP services?

VPN: Especially those. You know, since we’re on the subject, VoIP is short for Voice over IP, or Internet Protocol, a good friend of mine who buys clothes from me and changes how it looks. VoIP services transfer sound through the internet, and by changing the user’s IP, I disguise the data so no one actually can penetrate a WhatsApp or FaceTime call while I’m there.

Though it may not seem so, I dare say our good friend is being a bit modest. Since all VoIP services like Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber are blocked, having a VPN is essential in the UAE in order to use their services, so that’s why every UAE resident needs a VPN. As we mentioned, it encrypts all your online traffic and hides your public IP address, and can unblock any app, website, or online service that is blocked by the UAE authorities.

Last, before leaving him, I asked him one last question.

I: Thanks, VPN! By the way, which brand of VPN should I purchase, if I’m in, let’s say, the UAE?

VPN: Well, it takes a whole other article to say how to choose the right VPN for your needs in UAE, and you might need for an ultimate guide to using a VPN in the UAE, but since you’ve asked me nicely, I’ll give you the short answer. Go with MenaVPN. It’s specially made for the region, designed for the needs of a user who’s there. 24-hour support, 7-day free trial, that’s a 24/7 deal for free. So what’s not to like? The company is based in the Netherlands and is registered as MenaVPN Holding BV, so it is its legal obligation to be aligned with EU privacy policies.

That’s right. We neither store nor collect any of our users’ activities. So while your MenaVPN app is enabled and turned on, you can explore the web with the maximum privacy level, that is, the same level of security a user enjoys in the European Union.


MenaVPN has even more to offer. As our good friend already said MenaVPN is the best and foremost VPN in the MENA region because it has such a vigilant support team. That’s exactly what you need the most if you’re trying to bypass restrictions in this region because there are always new ways that the governments find to impose further restrictions, or even try to interrupt the internet altogether or the VPN servers. With MenaVPN you’ll notify our support team right when you stumble upon an issue and we’ll be all over it in no time.

Here’s another reason for MenaVPN being the best choice on the market: It costs less than any other major VPN provider, while the quality of the connections isn’t diminished if not increased.

As our hero said, what’s not to like? See for yourself! Download it and try it for free for 7-days.

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