Why FaceTime audio doesn’t work in UAE

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What’s wrong with FaceTime audio in UAE? We have discussed it here and came up with an evergreen solution.

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There could be other reasons for running into problems using FaceTime, but if neither your phone is broken nor you’re hard of hearing, my money would be on the fact that you’re in Dubai.

Furthermore, if you’re in Dubai or any other city in UAE, you’re not going to be able to unblock any VoIP services through the apps that utilize this technology, such as FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, or Viber.

What’s essential to understand about the UAE and its internet situation is that it’s restricted all over. Though internet service providers can and do provide you with fast and good quality Internet, they block certain branches of content. These restrictions are due to rules and regulations that are supposedly upholding either religious or political values, though there’s a (not-so-tiny) touch of the commercial motive behind them too. To be more on the subject, the aforementioned restriction of VoIP services is due to the undeniable favoritism of domestic telecommunication companies in the eyes of the government. The most favored of these companies is Etisalat, which has released its own brand of VoIP services called BOTIM, which has raised in most people’s minds the issue of privacy(note that the company is chiefly government-owned), in comparison to the more well-known VoIP apps, such as FaceTime and WhatsApp, which are end-to-end encrypted, that is, as safe as possible, and impenetrable by third-parties, even the providing companies themselves.

How to unblock Facetime in UAE

This is in no way an impossible problem, though it may seem so. The solution is an easy-to-obtain, and even easier-to-operate tool called VPN, which is short for Virtual Private Network. What a VPN does to bypass restrictions is it creates an encrypted virtual tunnel to route your data through by connecting to a server of your choosing. This level of encryption in a VPN comes in various levels. Only reliable VPNs that are rarely free provide you with the highest possible level of encryption used widely, that is AES-256. Though the role a VPN plays in protecting your privacy is of paramount importance among the services it provides, the most important quality it possesses for someone in the UAE or other countries suffering from government-imposed restrictions on the internet is that it gets around these restrictions entirely, and gives you back your online freedom so you have access to whatever content you want, make calls and have a chat with a loved one, and have online meetings to maintain your business and also lift the geo-restrictions for online services, so you can stream and play whatever you want whenever you want, having total access to services like Netflix and Roblox in UAE. Many VPN apps have extra features, such as a kill switch. It cautiously and constantly monitors your connection to the remote server to stave off your device from seeking unsound and unsafe connections. It cuts off your device’s or app’s internet access in the case of your VPN connection being terminated accidentally and unknowingly.

Can using a VPN to unblock FaceTime get you into trouble in UAE?

Considering the fact that the UAE government has gone to such lengths to stop its residents from accessing free internet, it’s only natural for it to have put laws and regulations in place to make it harder for them to get around the restrictions. But even with all that, it’s not really that clear what are the repercussions of using a VPN in the UAE. There is talk of a VPN fine in UAE, but that happens if first, you get caught using a VPN, and second if you hide your IP by using a VPN in order to take part in criminal activity.

Elsewhere our articles address the legal issues of using a VPN in UAE in more depth, such as what you need to know about the legal implications of using a vpn in the uae and whether there is a VPN fine in UAE.

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How to find the best VPN for FaceTime in UAE

There’s a call for an ultimate guide to VPN in UAE, though here we’ll give you a brief tour too. Because VPNs have been around for a relatively long time now, it’s fairly easy to create them and they’re hardly a rare commodity these days.

If you just type in the words ‘VPN in UAE’ in any search engine you’ll be bombarded with a great number of titles and brands, confusing you so much that you’ll probably end up giving up the idea of ever finding a good VPN altogether. Take it from us most of these VPN won’t work properly and you may come up with this question: Why doesn’t VPN work in uae?

A lot of them are free, but we strongly recommend against them.

First of all, most of them don’t work, and those that do aren’t safe to surf the web with, since they don’t follow any guidelines regarding user privacy. To use any paid ones, also coming in great variety, you have to know right from wrong. So it’s arguably necessary that you have a handful of facts to make the best choice possible.

Any VPN worth spending time and money over should do one thing absolutely, which is the main reason for a UAE or MENA-region resident or visitor to acquire a VPN, to free every VoIP-service app they might want to use, FaceTime for example, from restrictions.

That’s what we want most of all from an anti-filtration service that we’re paying hard-earned money for. The second most important quality we’ll stress would be a guaranteed level of privacy, and since it’s a serious concern to many, a satisfactory, EU-standard level of privacy. Like every other field of human endeavor, no product is perfect. So any VPN, even the best possible one will run into problems from time to time. In places where the government is behind the internet troubles, this is inevitable. Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can happen to anyone; what would be bad is if the VPN provider didn’t offer timely guidance and support, a most neglected virtue which is constantly needed in an internet situation like the UAE’s. We strongly recommend that you shouldn’t purchase any product of this kind without a free trial period, so you can check whether it can lift the restrictions on FaceTime and other services, that is, to see whether it works.

The Best VPN to Unblock FaceTime in the UAE

Considering the qualities we just named,  we are certain you’ll find MenaVPN to be the most efficient and affordable choice among the most popular and major products out there.

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