Why FaceTime Doesn’t Work without a VPN in Dubai?

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Is there a VPN that Works for FaceTime in Dubai?

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This is something you could live without, a real headache, right? First, there’s all the restrictions on the internet in the UAE, and then, when you’ve got a VPN to bypass these restrictions, it doesn’t unblock your FaceTime call in Dubai. Answering a question seems to be in order: What does a good VPN do first and foremost? It works, obviously! And if it runs into problems the providers have thought of ways to deal with it swiftly, and you’re not left there high and dry with an interrupted conversation which is not going to reconnect easily. That’s the least you can expect from a good VPN.

Here, we shall make it quite clear what else should a VPN do, and that kind of VPN you should get to no longer have any worries about anti-filtration methods. Furthermore, we’ll argue why you should use a VPN made and designed especially for a user from Dubai, the UAE and the whole MENA region.

But for all Dubai users it is most essential to first obtain a device to unblock VoIP services, like WhatsApp blocked calls, FaceTime, Skype and Viber, and this device should be, the Best VPN in Dubai.

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How to Unblock any VoIP Service in Dubai

What does VoIP mean? It stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. The way I understand it, it uses the internet instead of traditional phone lines to make a call. It transfers through the internet voice (or video) packets turned into digital data. These packets then take a journey of a great length, and since they move through the internet, it happens quite fast. Here we tend to get a bit more technical about it. So you make a call, and your voice which is an analogue audio, a sound wave, is converted to a digital wave as a packet of data by the application that’s using this technology, then to your internet provider through your router which in its turn sends the signals to the VoIP service provider’s servers. Through similar steps in reverse, it ultimately reaches your recipient, hearing your voice on their device.

But putting the technical differences aside, VoIP is much more economical and costs far less than a telecom service provider, since it only uses internet traffic, and not much of that either, so it practically costs nothing, compared to a landline phone. This is perfectly demonstrated when you try to make a long-distance call, whether they’re in Europe, America, Central or East Asia, and it costs via the VoIP app almost the same as it does when you call someone on it who lives two blocks away. You must pay a fortune for that! Even the length of the call is not an issue. There’s no need, but we’re going to say it again, VoIP just uses the internet! Now imagine what a one hour long-distance call would cost you if you used a landline phone or a telecom company? It’s not little, by any standards, for today’s world.

Now, many great applications use this technology today. To name the most famous ones, Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram and Facebook, all of which are restricted in Dubai(the UAE) and other gulf and MENA region countries.

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Is there a Good VPN for Free in Dubai?

There’s no doubt as to why would you need a VPN in UAE, so to bypass these restrictions you normally would find a VPN and hope that it’s a good one. Let’s find out what qualities it should have.

Let’s be quite clear about one unwritten rule about VPNs: There are no good VPNs that are free. The reason is that providing virtual private networks are a costly business, and they require constant updates and renewals of subscriptions, so the companies providing it are independant and non-governmental (Thank god for that! Who wants a government-made VPN?), so they need a regular revenue to keep up the good work, hence they have to charge for a VPN. Also, the free VPNs are worthless for other reasons. The security of servers and data breach issues being put aside, there’s a big problem with the privacy policies of tgeir companies itself, whther they ise your data or share it with others or not. And last, they don’t work properly, on the long run. You need to know how to choose the right VPN for your needs in UAE, and since there’s so many of them on the market, it should be a VPN that works in UAE. So to get a good VPN, you have to pay for it, but not all paid ones are satisfactory. There are other factors in play as well.

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How to Spot the Best VPN in Dubai

Here are some other important facts about what you should look for in a VPN to prove itself worth your money:

  • Any good VPN provides services on every operating system or device. It should be the best VPN for ios in uae as well as the best VPN for mac etc.
  • It is only obvious that a reliable VPN that’s been around for some time should’ve received positive feedback from its users. Check for the ratings and reviews it’s got on Google Play and AppStore.
  • The company that provides you with a VPN should be based in a country with strict guidelines on user privacy, such as countries in the European Union, US, and UK. This way you can make sure that your data is safe.
  • Since there’s a constant disruption of connections and blockage of ports from the UAE authorities a very important characteristic of a good VPN is having many servers in various locations with as many ports as possible, so that you won’t get stuck with a few choices.
  • Since Unblocking WhatsApp and other VoIP services is the main reason you’re purchasing a VPN, it should provide you with servers in places where this technology isn’t restricted. Also, free trials are a necessity so you can check if the VPN works.
  • One last thing, and in Dubai a very important point is that any VPN that’s worth your money should provide you with fast and reliable support. This should be tested in the trial period, so you can measure how quickly they respond to your connection issues, and how competent they are in overcoming them.
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Why MenaVPN is the Best VPN for Dubai

Mena VPN not only is the best, that is, in every user’s opinion, but it is the top VPN for use in UAE as well.

The company that owns the brand Mena VPN is based in the Netherland. This means that it is 100% in accordance with the European Union’s privacy policy. They won’t collect any of your data while giving your data the same level of encryption that a user from Europe enjoys, which ultimately means that your connection will be as secure as possible. Besides, Mena VPN has a 24-hour support team always ready to help you along the way, whenever you run into problems with your connection, and gives you advice on anything and everything VPN. Mena VPN is the only VPN that’s designed for the needs of a MENA region user in general and the UAE and Dubai residents in particular.

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As we discussed, like any good VPN, Mena VPN offers you a 7-day free trial of the product, so you can try it out before you pay a dime, and see that what we say about its qualities is no exaggeration, and of course, Mena VPN costs less than any other major VPN on the market.MenaVPN has the lowest price among the VPN providers while offering the same if not better quality as other major brands on the market. You can purchase it with your own chosen method of payment, either by credit cards,  PayPal, in-app purchases, see, or, even through mobile sim card payments.

Read our blog on the 5 VPNs to avoid in the UAE to get some ideas about what other VPN brands look like compared to Mena VPN. You can download it now and let it speak for itself. Mena VPN offers a money-back guarantee policy too, so you’re really getting a good deal.

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