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VoIP is blocked but not forever. use a VPN to bypass the restrictions.

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What is VoIP and how does it work?

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP or IP telephony is neither an old technology nor very new in human life. This is simply a group of technologies for delivery of voice and multimedia sessions over IP networks.

Almost from the day one that the internet became available for the mainstream, transferring voice and video through the internet protocol was an ambitious goal. which telecom experts could finally reach about 3 decades ago.

Calling app using VoIP

VoIP is the technology behind all popular communication platforms such as WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype , Imo, which are used to provide high quality voice and video calling for billions of users for free.


UAE is one of the countries that made restrictions against VoIP apps like WhatsApp call, Facetime, Viber,….

So technically as soon as you arrive in a city in UAE like Dubai and switch your sim card to Du or Etisalat you won’t be able to make calls with any VoIP app until you use a Virtual Private Network service aka VPN apps.

That’s because of banning VoIP services. because authorities in UAE want to make sure they can decrypt all the data of their users to prevent any potential risk against national security.

Based on this UAE authorities with a good will ruled these bans against VoIP services but as a result millions of expats and citizens have been deprived of using free voice calling services such as WhatsApp call.

What solution has the UAE government provided to the users as a superseded to popular VoIP services?

UAE provided a licensing system for VoIP services and started to block all unlicensed VoIP providers. As a result, only government-approved VoIP services called C’ME and BOTIM got the License and permitted to provide service in UAE. Although they are not blocked,almost 90% of the users would rather not use these apps , since the connection is not end to end encrypted so they clearly can record and listen to their users private calls and pass users’ personal information to the authorities at any time.

UAE residents started to fight against this restriction by signing a petition on change.org which only got 5k signatures. So nothing has changed about this issue.

UAE lifted restrictions for VoIP services

In March 202 , After 4 months of lock down and remote working, UAE authorities decided to loosen the restriction on VoIP apps that was prohibited in the country, to make the communication during the COVID-19 pandemic easier. Although they unblocked some VoIP services like ZOOM, most of the popular VoIP apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, IMO and Facetime remained prohibited and blocked from being provided voice and video calls.

How to unblock VoIP service in UAE

As stated earlier the only way to bypass the restrictions for VoIP services is to use a safe VPN app that empowers users to change the IP to a server in the free world and then connect to 100% free Internet.

Once you connect to a good VPN you’ll be able to make voice and video calls with your favorite VoIP app again.

Which VPN is good for VoIP calls

There are plenty of VPN apps out there on Appstore and play store but there are only a few ones that can unblock VoIP apps such as WhatsApp call.

You should find a VPN that clearly claims they can bypass VoIP restrictions in UAE.

Although many VPN apps claim they can unblock VoIPs in UAE, the quality of connections can be awful while you are using them. so you’d better ask for a free trial of these types of VPN apps.

To learn more about the best VPN to unblocking VoIP apps , you can read this blog post to find the best way of unblocking WhatsApp call and other VoIP apps in UAE.

Is it legal using a VPN to unblock VoIP in UAE?

This is the first question that strikes to the mind of any resident or traveller of UAE to stop being fined or being prisoned.

First of all we are not legal experts, so you’d better do your own research. but our perception of law about using a VPN in UAE :

‘’ Using a VPN to hide your IP address with the intention of committing a crime is not legal and who violates this may face charges up to AED 2M .’’

We have written a specific blog post about fine of using a VPN here and about legality of VPN usage for VoIP in here.

You can read these two articles to learn more about using a VPN or not.

There’s still more content to educate you about VPNs in UAE which you can read them all here.

MenaVPN is the best VPN for VoIP calls in UAE

It’s more than 3 years that MenaVPN is providing VPN apps for MENA region and specifically United Arab Emirates.

MenaVPN, provides VPN for iPhone and Android as well as Windows and Mac

Once on your device you turn MenaVPN on you can unblock any VoIP apps including WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime, Imo, Messenger, Viber and etc.. while you are in UAE.

No one can track you or see your Behavior when you are connected to one of MenaVPN servers.

MenaVPN offers you a 7-days free trial so you can test the quality of connection while the VPN is on and you are making VoIP calls. then you can subscribe for monthly or annual plans and enjoy free and safe internet in UAE.

If you wonder how to purchase you can read this blog post that is guiding you on how to buy VPN that works 100% for VoIP calling.

If you face any problem or have any other question, please feel free to contact us here.


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