Can Botim Calls be Traced in UAE?

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Why Should You Avoid Using Botim?

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The recent rise of VoIP with the increasingly popular apps that use this technology has made a great impact on our lives, and since most of them are free we are all using them. We no longer have to pay a fortune to make a long-distance call, and we can talk with friends or a loved-one on the phone for as long as we want. One would think that the age of telecommunication companies and their traditional phone lines has passed, it seems, but not in the UAE. We have to deal with WhatsApp blocked calls and websites that don’t load. But before we get into that let’s see what Botim is. It’s a calling service like WhatsApp, Skype, and FaceTime, but there’s a catch: Botim is owned by the biggest telecom company in the UAE, that is, Etisalat, which is itself owned by the UAE government. Here we argue that this itself is enough reason for you not to use Botim, but we’ll give even more reasons to make sure, so read on!

VoIP and UAE

The UAE government has blocked all independant VoIP services, that is, those it can’t supervise, like WhatsApp and FaceTime, and it has its own brand in place, and that is, Botim. We don’t believe that that’s a good reason, but is it only under the pretext of supervision or security that the UAE government has done this? No. Like in other walks of life, the most compelling reason behind things is money.

The UAE government owns almost the entire telecom business in the country, and the emergence of these VoIP apps would mean a big blow to the profits and even the existence of these companies. So by outlawing these apps and blocking them all, the UAE is keeping part of its revenue undiminished. Here’s where Botim comes into picture, a calling service by Etisalat which charges you in monthly plans. What should one do then? Is it wise to use Botim?

Why you shouldn’t Use Botim

It must be obvious that there is a major privacy concern with using an app that doesn’t encrypt your data and is made and supervised by the government. There is no shortage of worries here. There’s no guarantee that your data is safe and secure, not being shared with third parties etc. But that’s not the only reason you should avoid using Botim. We believe it’s also more economical to use other ways, and also save some money.

What Can you use instead

The most famous and popular VoIP services are totally free. That means, WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime, and Viber don’t charge you for a mere call. They are also amazingly fast and secure. Take WhatsApp for example. Your chats via WhatsApp are entirely end-to-end encrypted, so are your video and voice calls. This means perfect privacy while using it, and it’s all for free! The only problem, as you well know, is that they’re blocked. If only there was a way to unblock them! And there is. Read on!

How to Unblock All Safe VoIP Apps

There are ways to bypass all restrictions in the UAE, and these ways come in different colors. Here we shall talk about two of them, very briefly. One of them is to use a proxy server in the UAE, but we don’t recommend using it. It has both security risks and its anti-filtering abilities are limited. So free WhatsApp proxy for UAE are not trustworthy. What we recommend is a VPN, which is by far the most efficient anti-restriction method available to everyone. You might be interested in these articles below, on tge legality of VPNs:

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A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It reroutes your data through a remote server, while encrypting that data. If it is acquired from a trustworthy provider, you can be sure of its privacy and security. If it’s acquired from the right source, it can provide you with multiple servers and give you many choices and ports so you never get stuck. It doesn’t diminish the connection speed and even makes it faster so you can make your VoIP calls as swiftly as possible. Since it uses remote servers, it changes your IP, and a good VPN provider has many of these servers in various locations so that you can bypass any geo-restrictions to do streaming in UAE, or use gaming platforms like Roblox in UAE.

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There are a few other qualities that you should look for in a good VPN. You need to know how to choose the right VPN for your needs in UAE.

A Good VPN Can’t Be Free

You need to learn about free vpn vs paid vpn why it matters to pay for a good vpn. First off, let’s be clear about a very important yet often neglected fact about VPNs: It is costly to develop and update them, and keep them running. So it is in no way in the interest of a company to give them away for free. And most free VPNs are actually selling something, and you should ask yourself what before using one. We can answer it for you, it is your data. Perhaps not always in the sense of your online credentials, but sometimes in the sense of your activity, or at least exposing you to the prying eyes of hackers and eavesdroppers, since their servers and ports are public. Read our article on 5 VPNs to Avoid in the UAE. So beware of free stuff, and read their privacy policy with care, and then when you want to install them, don’t!

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We hope it is no more a surprise that to have a VPN in UAE is a must not a nice-to-have, and you know why every UAE resident needs a VPN. The qualities of the top VPN for use in UAE are all present in Mena VPN, and even more features than we just named. It is, in the opinion of many of its users, based on its ratings, the top VPN in the UAE and MENA region. It 100% follows EU privacy policies, being based in the Netherlands, and having a no-logs policy it won’t collect any of your data while providing you with the same level of encryption that a user accessing the internet from Europe has, which ultimately means that your connection is as secure as possible. Also, Mena VPN’s support team is always alert to help you along the way, 24/7, whenever you run into problems with your connection, giving you instructions on how to receive the best quality and connect to faster servers. Mena VPN is the only VPN that’s designed specifically for the needs of a MENA region user and UAE residents in particular. As we discussed, a good VPN like Mena VPN offers you a 7-day free trial of the product, so you can try it out before you pay at all, and see that what we say about its qualities is no exaggeration, and of course, Mena VPN costs less than any other major brand on the market. There’s a money-back guarantee there too, so why hesitate? Download it now and enjoy!

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