Can You get caught using VPN in UAE?


What are the legal consequences of using a VPN in UAE?

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Is a VPN necessary in the UAE?

If you are new in UAE and just ran into this article you might wonder Why would you need a VPN in UAE? To start facing the reality in UAE try making a video or audio call on WhatsApp . You can’t see the Ringing sign on your screen. right? Welcome to the censorship club of UAE.

Since the VoIP apps became very popular in UAE, the authorities decided to block all of them to force users make calls with cellular phones instead of calling with apps like WhatsApp.

They have made these restrictions for 2 reasons.

  1. Keep 100% surveillance over UAE’s residents.
  2. Prevent the bad effect of using free calls on VoIP for 2 major UAE’s telecommunication providers, du and Etisalat.

In addition to VoIP based apps, many website and apps being restricted by UAE government including:

  • Website that included adult contents
  • Online gambling and betting platforms
  • Cryptocurrency trading platforms

There also some other usage for VPN that is not related to UAE censorship but to geo restrictions that some services made over this region.

  • Streaming restrictions such as Netflix, Hulu and Hotstar If you moved from a UK , EU country or from one of North American countries to UAE and have purchased your streaming account when you have been in your home country, once you start opening the Netflix or Hulu you might face different series and programs. The worst part happens when you want to continue watching your favourite series in UAE and you can’t do that due to copyright and geo restrictions of these services. There’s also a service called Hotstar that is only available in India. You can have access to all these on-demand streaming video services in UAE just by using a good VPN. Would you like to know Which VPN is the best VPN in UAE? Keep reading.

How to bypass Internet restrictions in UAE

Now you know why you need a VPN while you are in the United Arab Emiratis.

If you search for a VPN app on Appstore or Play Store you’ll face tons of applications in this category but how to choose and find the best VPN for iPhone in UAE or for android.

There are 2 types of VPN apps that you can download both for android and iOS platforms. Free versions with in app advertisements and paid VPNs with monthly or annual subscription. but how to choose a VPN that works in UAE

Free VPNs and Paid VPNs

Although everyone, including us, wants to have things for free and without paying a single penny , When someone offers you free stuff you should ask yourself Why?

Because nothing in the world is free so there is always a reason for any giveaway, of course if your beloved ones provide you something for free that is out of a good will.

But when a VPN app that handles your most secure data including personal chats and the websites you have visited , provides you its services for free you should know that you are the product and in other words your data is at risk of being exposed to third party advertisers or intelligence agencies and governments. So, as a developer of a free VPN also needs to make money, there is always a high potential risk for selling your activity logs.

Additionally, Since the UAE uses a very complicated way for blocking VoIP services, none of these free VPNs can help you to make calls. You might ask what is the best VPN for VoIP and How to unblock WhatsApp call in UAE with a VPN? Our Short answer: MenaVPN.

So far we’ve learnt why we shouldn’t use a free VPN but does it mean that every paid VPN is good and works in UAE? No, of course not.

As users across the world started to install and use VPNs to protect their online activities, Countries and intelligence services also started to acquire and run VPN companies and apps to have access to the users activities.

It simply means not every paid VPN is safe. So before you get a VPN you should investigate the origins of the company and the directors.

The most trustable VPN apps are those registered in the EU region and Switzerland.

So you find a VPN that you think is not owned by any other government or agency. you have one question: How to buy VPN in UAE?

The article that mentioned above is the ultimate guide to buy the best VPN in the UAE and MENA region.

MenaVPN is the best paid VPN for UAE

MenaVPN is a company that is registered in the Netherlands. therefore it is 100% compliant with European Union user privacy policy. so your data won’t be stored or exposed to other parties.

In addition to being a Dutch entity, years of working in the MENA region and to be specific in UAE made MenaVPN the only VPN that works in UAE and the best VPN in Dubai .

Can You get caught using VPN in UAE?

Is it illegal to use VPN in UAE?

This is the most frequent question we face while talking to our customers.

First of all we should express that we are not legal experts and everyone who decides to use a VPN in the UAE must do their own research and use a VPN at their own risks.

Based on what UAE authorities announced a couple of years ago about using a VPN: “ If you use a VPN app to hide your IP address with the intention of committing a crime then in addition to a fine or imprisonment for the main crime you’ll get a fine up to AED 2M.”

If you want to know more about VPN fine in UAE or Is using a VPN in Dubai illegal?, you still have questions such as you’d better talk to a local legal expert. However we believe that if you use a VPN to make calls to your loved ones, no one will try to catch you.

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