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Why It Matters to Pay for a Good VPN

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Let’s start with a question. How many apps do you think are out there calling themselves VPN? 100? 1000? Well, let’s just say that it’s more than 1000 apps. How are we to choose a good one from such a huge bulk? It depends on many factors, and the most important is probably the cost. That’s the main reason we love free stuff so much to begin with. Who wants to spend their hard-earned money over a subscription that lasts for a limited period if there’s a way out? But as we’ll argue, there’s nothing entirely for free out there, and if there is, they’ll prove not free but worthless, especially for users in the UAE. What we recommend instead, is to spend your money with care, and on a product that’s both reliable and most cost-efficient. So with spending your money in a smart way, with weighing your options out and knowing what qualities to look for, you make a choice with awareness, and not out of frugality alone.

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As we’ve already mentioned, the UAE is a bit special on the whole VPN market spectrum, and we need to get acquainted with the nuances of its internet situation first. Then we get into the whole VPN world, and try to find our way out of the multitude of brands with a handful of commended qualities to choose a good VPN with. Then with these qualities we try to compare free VPNs with paid ones, and discuss the pros and cons of each. At last we put your mind at ease so you don’t have to look any further. There we give you reasons why our brand, MenaVPN, really deserves to be your choice, and your friends’ in the UAE. Happy reading!

The Internet in UAE

The UAE government holds total sway over the flow of the internet in the country. They don’t believe in an open internet for everybody. The list of apps and websites that are either banned, blocked, unavailable, or restricted includes over 5000 names and addresses. This makes impossible to do much streaming in UAE and use platforms like Netflix and Hulu, or for gamers Roblox in UAE is blocked. But the most devestating part is about VoIP services such as WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime, Viber, and others, which are downright blocked so it’s impossible to make calls without the aid of an anti-filtration device, like a VPN. They own most of the major telecom companies in the UAE, such as Etisalat and du, and the free VoIP-using services like WhatsApp and FaceTime are blocked exactly for the competition between them and these companies, a match that these companies would surely lose if the apps weren’t blocked.

Learn about the legal situation with VPNs:

So a VPN is absolutely essential for any UAE resident who wants to make an affordable call. Other than that she wants to be sure of the safety of her calls, so it’s more important to get a good VPN. How do you find such a VPN?

How to Find A Good VPN

You find a good VPN by following a few rules:

  • Not Free: Read to the end of the article for the reasons**.**
  • Not based in totalitarian Countries: Not Iran, not Russia, not China, …, not UAE!
  • Based in Europe, the US, or the UK, preferably.
  • Functionality: it should work, obviously.
  • Fast and reliable support: Try MenaVPN’s support team. That’s how fast they should be!
  • An Affordable price: No need for explanations, right?

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Is Any VPN really Free for UAE?

Every free product is free for a reason. There is free stuff that is given away by governments, and funded by them. There are others by human rights organizations or charity, and none of them has yet released a VPN worth the use, and for good reason. With anything that comes from governments comes a question of privacy and safety of personal information. Charities and human rights organizations have too little funding to be able to keep a costly business like VPNs above water for long. And with other VPNs claiming to be free while there is no way they don’t gather some kind of data from you, and even if they don’t, their service can’t have the best quality, so their servers and security measures could be breached easily, and your data may be at risk while using them.

So there are no free VPNs that are worth your time.

Why does it pay to pay for a Good VPN?

As we mentioned a VPN company has to make money to stay above water and keep its good quality. It has to cover heavy costs and needs constant funding, so a good VPN charges to remain good. The costs are great due to the kind of service they require.

  • To keep technical teams working so that the best servers and swiftest ports are employed for a perfect connection;
  • Security issues taken care of so any kind of data breach is avoided;
  • Updates and research funds to find newer, faster, and more secure methods of anti-filtration for providing service to countries like the UAE.
  • Support teams need to keep answering questions and troubleshooting user problems 24/7.

Those are the major part of the reasons that an independent VPN company needs a stable revenue to keep providing you with top quality VPN.


MenaVPN is the perfect VPN that a UAE resident needs, and to have a VPN in UAE is a must not a nice-to-have. We now know why every UAE resident needs a VPN, and for those exact reasons, that is, anti-filtration strength, high speed, immaculate security, and reliable support, MenaVPN is not only the best VPN that works in UAE, but also the top VPN for use in UAE. It’s got great ratings, high speed connection, great support team, and offers perfect privacy being 100% in accord with European Union privacy policies, being based in the Netherlands. It also offers a 7-day free trial, and it’s money-back guaranteed. Download it now and be amazed how easy the internet restrictions can be gotten around!

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