How do you unblock VoIP services in Qatar?


Is it possible to unblock VoIP services in Qatar? Yes.

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How do you unblock VoIP services in Qatar?

Whether you’re going to Qatar or you are already there, you’ll need the answer to a few questions about the country. What’s Qatar like in 2022?

There aren’t that many ways to make a call. You could either employ a telecommunication company’s service by a phone line or a cell, pay a handsome price for a single call (without any visuals, of course, since it’s going to be a voice-call), or use a more advanced method on a platform like Skype or Whatsapp to make it, and this time you even have the option of a video-call, and pay close to nothing. Not such a difficult choice between these two, right? But what if the obvious choice, the more economic and reasonable one, is restricted in some parts of the world? What should you do then? Here we’ll try to answer this, and find an optimal solution.

How is the Internet situation in Qatar?

It probably comes as no surprise that in certain countries the government has imposed restrictions in order to keep their citizens’ access and connection to the internet under control, and especially among the gulf emirates and the whole MENA region this is common practice; Qatar is no exception. That’s basically the main reason behind the difficulties a foreigner might experience while she stays in Qatar, putting the so-called ‘cultural’ ones aside. At the time of the World Cup games especially, this will ruin all the fun she’s expecting to have, thus making it all a big disappointment. But before you lose all hope, let’s ask and answer some relevant questions. Just bear in mind that the solution exists, and like the light at the end of the tunnel, it comes last.

What is VoIP? What apps use this Technology?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Simply put, it uses the internet instead of traditional phone lines for making a call, transferring packets of digital voice (or video) data through the internet. These packets take quite a journey. Your voice which is an analogue audio, that is, a sound wave, is converted to a digital wave as a data packet by the application that’s using this technology, then to your internet provider through your router which in its turn sends the signals to the VoIP service provider’s servers. Through similar steps (though in reverse) it ultimately reaches your recipient, hearing your voice on their end.

But putting the technical differences aside, VoIP is much more economical and costs far less than a telecom service provider, since it only uses internet traffic, and not much of that either. So VoIP Services cost virtually nothing, compared to a landline phone or a cell. This is perfectly demonstrated when you try to make a long-distance call, whether they’re in Europe, America, Central or East Asia, and it costs via the VoIP app almost the same as it does when you call someone on it who lives two blocks away. Even the length of the call is not an issue. Needless to say, but we’re going to say it again, VoIP just uses the internet! Now imagine what a one hour long-distance call would cost you if you used a landline phone or a telecom company?

Now, many great applications use this technology today. To name the most famous ones, Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram and Facebook, all of which are restricted in Qatar and other gulf and MENA region countries. How do you unblock these apps and more? By using a VPN. What’s that? Keep reading.

What is a VPN?

The acronym VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It creates a virtual and encrypted tunnel linking your device to the server. In many ways it is by far the most efficient, affordable and easy-to-use method to bypass the restrictions and gain access to all of the content over the internet. Besides that VPN is more than just a barrier-breaker against blocked content. It is also very popular among those who wish to surf the web more privately, and feel that their data is safe. So there’s a whole other side to the use of VPN, which is not our focus here, but is worth mentioning.

All that being said, there’s no shortage of useless apps that carry the title of VPN on the market (both free and not). To give you some idea about what a good VPN is like, one that works in Qatar and meets your needs, we have opened a whole new chapter to explain.

Which VPN should you use in Qatar 2022?

So far we’ve established that a VPN is essential if you’re staying in Qatar and you want to use the internet to its full potential. But anyone who has just simply typed out the words ‘VPN app’ in Google search gets lost and perhaps even a bit overwhelmed by the tons of stuff that present themselves as VPN providers. One can even type out a more specific set of key words like ‘VPN in Qatar’ and still get nowhere. Most of us first try out a couple of these, look for the top-rated ones, and then install them, and end up disappointed. Some of them are even free, but they lack a lot of the qualities we expect from an affordable, trustworthy and well-functioning VPN. It is safe to say that the free VPNs for Qatar are practically useless, let alone unsafe. There are those that charge you (and quite handsomely, too) but most of them still don’t work properly. Why don’t (some) VPNs work? To put it briefly, they are not designed for a user from Qatar and other countries from the MENA region. You might wonder if it is a problem that’s going to haunt you all over your stay in Qatar, but good news!, it’s not. We have the best possible choice here ready for you, it’s called MENA VPN, and it’s arguably the best on the market. Our team has specifically concentrated their efforts to find the best, fastest and overall the most economical and efficient ways to bypass the restrictions, having your whole time’s worth of fun and no worries while staying in Qatar. It’s the fastest, the safest, and the most affordable choice on the market. See for yourself. Get it now and enjoy a 7-day free trial!

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