How to call UAE from abroad with WhatsApp?


An Ultimate guide to make free calls with UAE from abroad

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It’s as simple as picking up your phone, typing out the number, and pressing the call button. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Thank you! Before you go, I just want to ask about the cost. Can you tell me how much it costs to make a call using tele-communications (cell-service companies)? We’ll argue that it’s not reasonable to use this method (compared to other methods), instead introducing you to one that’s insanely cheaper, though it has some pitfalls. These problems can be overcome, and you’ll soon be able to call anyone in UAE who has a VoIP app installed on his phone, for almost no charge.

What are the VoIP apps? the ones you use to make video and audio calls , apps and services like Skype, WhatsApp. FaceTime .

How to make a free call to UAE?

As we’ve already pointed out, WhatsApp and other similar apps cost almost nothing, and you can make video calls and chat as well.

To begin, you must first understand the UAE’s internet situation. you might need to read this article:****

Why would you need a VPN in UAE? which will give you a good understanding about the situation in there**.**** Here we merely touch upon the problem.

Long story short, the internet is restricted in UAE. Many apps, services and websites are blocked, including Whatsapp, so in order to make the call you need to get around these restrictions and unblock Whatsapp, IMO. FaceTime or other blocked VoIP apps. but how ? find our more in the following links.

What is the best VPN for VoIP in UAE?

How to unblock WhatsApp call in UAE

How to unblock IMO in UAE?

How to unblock Facetime in UAE

How to Unblock WhatsApp to make free calls to UAE?

There is a serious problem here. Many strong regulations have been implemented against VoIP platforms and other content in the UAE. The restrictions can only be bypassed in one way.

What we strongly recommend is using a VPN(Virtual Private Network), which requires an entire blog to introduce you properly with, here we only address the issue briefly, but if you want to learn about it in more depth, we have some articles ready for you to read below this paragraph. We believe that VPN is the most affordable and yet the most efficient and easy to use option for unblocking VoIP as including WhatsApp call and FaceTime to make free calls.

Best VPN in UAE | Which VPN is the best VPN in UAE?

Why Whatsapp calls blocked in UAE?

How to use a VPN to make free calls to UAE using WhatsApp

You first need to download a VPN that is 100% compatible with your device.

Below you can find and download the best VPN in Dubai and whole UAE these service is the only VPN that just works in UAE.

It is called MenaVPN .

VPN for iPhone in the UAE

VPN for Android in UAE

VPN for Windows in UAE

VPN for Mac in UAE

Once you downloaded the VPN on your device then you can simply turn on the VPN by click/tap on the connect button.

If it didn’t work you need to check servers and change them.

If you still couldn’t make WhatsApp calls , change the ports from Ikev2 to R8 and test all the possible ports to see if you can get better results.

If everything goes according to what we just mentioned, you will now be able to use WhatsApp Calling in UAE without any restrictions or problems.

Please consider that only the users who is located in UAE must use a VPN to bypass the restrictions and if you are not in UAE then you don’t need to install a VPN. what you have to do is simply let your friends know about MenaVPN which is the **best vpn for iphone in uae**.

Once you are connected to one of the MenaVPN servers, all your Internet traffic is encrypted.

Is it legal to use VPN in UAE?

So you might be worried about your friends back in UAE and if he or she might get into trouble because of using a VPN.

We covered this in the below articles, you can read them and make sure about this.

Is it illegal to use VPN in UAE?

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Is MenaVPN legal in UAE?

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How to contact MenaVPN

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