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Which VPN Is Fastest in UAE?

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If you are in need of a VPN, and have never used one, you’ll probably look it up to download, and later install a VPN that looks okay. Seems easy enough, right? Try doing that. What’s the problem? Yeah, right, it’s hard to choose, there’s so many of them, you say, and you are right.

Most people just need a VPN to get around restrictions for some use and be done with it afterwards, so they don’t care what VPN they install and use. This is bad practice, there are many concerns around it. Concerns of privacy, security, and quality. Those users who don’t care about the first two do care about the third, that is, speed and internet quality. The first thing these off-the-counter VPNs do is lower the quality of your internet connection, and when this happens, users start to lose hope in the function of VPNs completely. First, let’s see if there’s hope enough.

Do VPNs Work in UAE?

A very common belief is that VPNs are not functional in the UAE. This belief is based on the aforementioned VPNs which you pick up and install momentarily, and are mostly worthless due to their being not real VPNs. Another belief is that the UAE government has restricted VPNs in the country, or blocked them or something of the sort. On the legality of VPNs in UAE read our previous blogs on the subject:

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Though it is true that the UAE government tries to do so, there’s no evidence supportimg that they have, except in the case of public servers and public proxies, which aren’t desirable anyway. By installing a good VPN like Mena VPN, you will avoid these entirely, and everything will be fine, since they’ve worked in the past, work now, and will work in the future.

Why Are VPNs Slow in UAE?

This is another misconception we have to deal with here. That is, if VPNs work they are slow. The roots of this concern are the same as the last one, that is, free and untrustworthy VPNs. They are slow, if they even work at all. We are serious about this, avoid off-the-counter VPNs and buy one and we’ll show you how to choose and how to see through their defects. You might also be interested un these topics:

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Having said all of that, there may be other reasons to slow connection when you use a VPN. A server may be overcrowded, or a website you’re trying to reach may be so. But the main reason is the free VPNs ising outdated servers, public ports and overcrowded proxies. Now let’s see how big is the gap between free and paid VPNs.

Free vs. Paid VPN: Is There A Difference?

Free VPNs are bad for you, according to some studies around this, since they’re exposed and not well-funded to be fortified against exposure and prying eyes, so your data may be at risk with them, even if the product itself doesn’t share or collect your data, which is another risk associated with free VPNs. Read our blog on 5 VPNs to Avoid in the UAE.

We don’t mean by that that every paid VPN is a good one, either. Sure, for every good one you have to pay, but not every paid one is going to prove itself good. So Which paid ones are best? Those that are based in countries with great security standards and user privacy policies that are tight, such as the United States, or the European Union. Also, they should offer free trials so you can see that it works for yourself, and have a vigilant support team always at the ready to make your troubles go away. For more information read free vpn vs paid vpn why it matters to pay for a good vpn.

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How to Find the Right VPN in UAE

VPN should excel in at least four essential qualities. Security, Speed, Strength, and Support. Security means that the VPN you’re using must use safe and private servers, neither collect nor share your data, and have a no-logs policy. Speed means that your connection quality shouldn’t suffer any loss due to your VPN’s servers being crowded, since they ought to be private. Strength means that if your current server is down, or too low in speed, you have always the power to change it into another server in the same region, and bypass restrictions in some way and don’t get stuck to one choice. Support is the support team always behind every person who gets the VPN and needs help with it. A VPN should have a 24/7 support team so they always guide you through, recommend you servers for your particular use and more.

Mena VPN

In case you’re wondering which VPN is the best VPN in UAE, and find no answer, here it is! Mena VPN is a compendium of all of the qualities we just mentioned. It is based in the Netherlands so it is 100% in accordance with EU privacy policies, so its security level is paramount. It is specially designed for the UAE user’s needs, and it’ll prove itself the most resourceful app on the market for you too! This is a great opportunity for you to buy the top VPN for use in UAE, and enjoy a 7-day free trial, and a money-back guarantee! Lose no time and get it now!

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