How to unblock Facetime in UAE? 2023(fast & secure)


What is the best way to use Facetime in UAE?

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As you know, VoIP calls face some strict laws in UAE and are blocked. This is one of the reasons we need a VPN for Skype, WhatsApp and Viber. We already did an article about how to use those services on your iPhone here . But today let’s focus on Facetime. FaceTime is one of those apps that allow you to connect with your friends and family members and enjoy getting a feel on what is happening around their environment. Facetime requires Apple ID or phone number verification to make sure that it works properly. If you haven’t download FaceTime yet you can get Facetime on the App store now. Once again, together with the new law they blocked FaceTime in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman – as well as all other cities in United Arab Emirates.

Why do they Block FaceTime in UAE

The reason that Authorities in UAE blocked FaceTime and similar apps is not clear so far. It seems that UAE government wants the UAE citizen and expats use internal services like Botim which is belong to UAE’s Intelligent service. As a result they can see all your private chat and calls because it is not an end to end encrypted chat.

Although they announced that they did this for improving the security of the users in that region but it is clear this can’t be an honest reason for FaceTime blockage.

What is the solution to unblock FaceTime in UAE?

To Unblock FaceTime other similar apps such as WhatsApp in UAE, the only tool you need is a good VPN that is compatible with your iPhone.

There are thousands of VPN apps including Free VPN and Paid VPN but most of them can’t help you with unblocking FaceTime.

You can read the article, Best VPN in UAE or best VPN for iPhone in UAE to know more about VPN that works in UAE.

Is a free VPN a good option to protect my FaceTime ?

In short No. Nothing is free in the world. and No one would provide anything free to you.

If you are getting a product for free then you are the product. This means the free VPN provider is either selling your personal data or using your device with malware to do some activity in the background without your consent, such as mining cryptocurrencies.

This leads to irreversible damages to your phone no matter if it is iOS phone or android.

Additionally free VPNs can’t help you with having an stable connection for WhatsApp call,

you might be able to open and use blocked websites and some mobile games like ROBLOX but you won’t be able to make a sustainable and reliable call. because it needs specific configurations and some deep and difficult network settings that most of the free VPN providers can’t provide this complicated tech stuff within a free app.

Is unblocking FaceTime illegal in UAE?

As unblocking FaceTime in UAE is only possible by using a good VPN. The better question will be Is it illegal to use a VPN in UAE? You can read a full article about the concern of using a VPN in the mentioned link.

But in short, No it is not. and it’s legal. Although we are not legal experts and you should do your own investigation before taking any specific actions , using a VPN is the only way to unblock FaceTime, and if the VPN uses a safe and encrypted way of connection then using a VPN for FaceTime calling is not an illegal activity.

Moreover, based on what UAE rules says “Using a VPN is only illegal if you use it for committing a crime” , and as far as we know calling friends and families via FaceTime is not a crime so it is a legit activity and you don’t need to be worried about it.

MenaVPN , Safest and the best way to Unblock FaceTime in UAE

MenaVPN helps you bypass internet restriction and unblock FaceTime restriction. You can simply download MenaVPN, UAE on the App Store and install it on your iPhone and simply tap the connect button. this way you will connect to a fastest server which is optimized for making high quality FaceTime call. For the UAE residents it was always a big pain that they couldn’t use free audio and video calls on this very popular platform. MenaVPN’ s team found a way to bypass this annoying restriction and empower its user to make calls with this free useful app again.

MenaVPN is free to install and after that it offers you 7days free trial, so you can test the app for 7 days for free and see if it helps you solve your FaceTime connection problem. and once you find it helpful you can get a monthly or annual plan as low as 99 AED.

We should also mention that MenaVPN not only works in UAE but also it works in All MENA region so no matter You are in UAE or Saudi Arabia or Oman , you can Always bypass Internet restrictions and make free voice and video calls with FaceTime.

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