How to watch Hotstar in UAE? (Update 2023)

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Bypass Geo-Restrictions in UAE

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Hotstar is a streaming service provided by Disney Plus, available in only two countries, India and Canada. If you’re trying to reach it from other places on the globe, such as UAE, you’ll run into either a ‘not found’ page, or see this message on your screen:

“This content is currently not available in your region”.

This is what’s called a geo-restriction. A platform or website you’re trying to visit has put measures in place to restrict your access to certain content on its pages. There are many other websites and streaming platforms that do this sort of thing, such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and gaming platforms such as Roblox and Roobet. So what should users from UAE do? Should they move to India or Canada to watch their favorite Bollywood show, or even worse, should they forget all about it and lose hope? Neither is necessary. A UAE user can do perfectly alright staying exactly where she is. She just needs to get the right stuff to get around the problem. This right stuff is called a VPN.

Why You Should Use A VPN For Streaming With Hotstar In UAE

With a VPN you can make a lot of changes in your internet situation. You can bypass all kinds of restrictions and access content that was blocked before. A good VPN gives you total freedom to surf the web and make WhatsApp calls and use FaceTime without any internet quality setback, and as we’ve mentioned, without suffering any more geo-restrictions. But how do you do that? How does a VPN help with geo-restrictions? A reliable VPN makes use of numerous servers in various parts of the world, so you can appear to be accessing the website from that location. And to access Hotstar you need to connect from India. For other platforms such as Netflix or other any streaming in UAE you might want to change into a European or American server, for Roblox in UAE you might want to do it from other locations. The real question now becomes which VPN to choose, or how to choose?

How to Find A Good VPN for Hotstar in UAE

A VPN should excel in at least four essential qualities. Security, Speed, Strength, and Support. Security means that the VPN you’re using must use safe and private servers, neither collect nor share your data, and have a no-logs policy. Speed means that your connection quality shouldn’t suffer any loss due to your VPN’s servers being crowded, since they ought to be private. Strength means that if your current server is down, or too low in speed, you have always the power to change it into another server in the same region, and bypass restrictions in some way and don’t get stuck to one choice. Support is the support team always behind every person who gets the VPN and needs help with it. A VPN should have a 24/7 support team so they always guide you through, recommend you servers for your particular use and more.

But there is another point, not among these four that needs making, and that is price. Are free VPNs really free? And are the paid ones worth your money? Read on to find out, and for more information take a look at our previous article: free vpn vs paid vpn why it matters to pay for a good vpn

How to Watch Hotstar in UAE

So here we make it official and ordered, and we have supposed that you already have a Disney Plus, or a Hotstar account. Follow these steps:

  1. Get a VPN app(we recommend Mena VPN).
  2. Subscribe to the VPN, and open the app and enter your account’s credentials.
  3. Go to the servers section and choose a server from India.
  4. Go to Hotstar and start streaming while you’re in the UAE!

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But now let’s see why it’s most wise to use Mena VPN and not any other. For the most part it is perfectly well to make any choice you want, but take it from us, the right choice for anyone in the UAE is Mena VPN, and here’s why.

Mena VPN: The Best VPN for Hotstar in UAE

In case you’re wondering which VPN is the best VPN in UAE, and find no answer, here it is folk! Mena VPN is a compendium of all of the qualities we mentioned. It is based in the Netherlands so it is 100% in accordance with EU privacy policies, so its security level is paramount. It is specially designed for the UAE user’s needs, and it’ll prove itself the most resourceful app on the market for you too! This is a great opportunity for you to buy the top VPN for use in UAE , and enjoy a 7-day free trial, and a money-back guarantee! Lose no time and get it now!

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