Is VPN Banned in UAE?

VPN banned in UAE

How to Unblock VPNs in UAE

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There are probably two sides to this question. One, the legality of VPNs in the UAE, and two, the filtering of anti-filtering methods, such as a VPN, in the UAE. The first one is enough to have many articles of various lengths written about it, as we have:

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As to the second issue, many people guess it and suggest that the UAE authorities do restrict anti-filtering methods or at least try to do so. We aren’t sure of course, since there isn’t enough data to support this claim. We’ll get into all this shortly, and first, we tackle the problem that may be most troubling: The legality of VPN use in UAE.

Is VPN Legal in UAE?

Disclaimer: First of all, we are not legal experts. Here we only give our personal take on the situation. To have an expert’s opinion, seek experts, that is, lawyers.

There are legal troubles associated with VPNs, or so it is said. But VPNs aren’t illegal by themselves. They are illegal if used with the intent to commit or aid a criminal act. So we think that if you’re using a VPN to get your WhatsApp up and running, it probably isn’t going to make you a criminal, but if you use it to watch porn, which is illegal in the UAE, that might be considered illegal. So it all depends on your use.

Besides these, we don’t think it should worry you much, since it hasn’t worried many people in the UAE. So the question now becomes how many people use VPNs in the UAE. We’ll answer this next.

How Many People Use VPNs in UAE?

To say the exact number would be impossible, but a ballpark estimation can be given. According to Forbes, about a quarter of the UAE population have adopted a VPN in the year 2022, making the country the number 1 with most VPN users in the whole world, with Qatar coming right behind it as the second.

But what does this number mean? There are many ways to look at this bit of statistics, but one thing is certain, and that is that since millions of people have installed VPNs in the UAE, and consequently are using them, it seems to be fine, legally, to use VPNs in the UAE, and millions of people can’t be considered criminals and be persecuted. But there may be security risks, such as whether the authorities(or hackers) track you while using VPN, or see you. Next we get into that.

Can They Track VPNs in UAE?

No, they can’t, if you’re using a good VPN like Mena VPN. A VPN is a device that hides your IP, encrypts your data and tunnels your traffic through a server which is different from that of your ISP(Internet Service Provider) and thus your data and real IP will be hidden, so your live online activity is close to impossible to track. Your ISP though, will learn of the change of IP, and that’s about it. So if you use a reputable and good VPN, like Mena VPN, your data will be safe and your activity won’t be tracked.

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Can They Block VPNs?

Yes they probably can, but not altogether, not if you’ve acquired your VPN from a reliable source. That means if you’ve picked your VPN off some unknown or little known place you’re going to be disappointed very soon. As we’ll explain shortly you’ll find these off-the-counter VPNs, which lure you in with the “free” in their title, aren’t worth anything, so they are free in that sense! A free VPN, since the business of VPNs isn’t a cheap one, aren’t able to update and do improvements, and fall as easy prey to the crackdown on the internet and their own public servers, at the hands of the government or whatever. This is not so for a good reliable VPN. They can’t be stopped or banned or blocked so easily. A country like UAE must shut down its internet completely so there are no VPNs that remain functional, and that’s unlikely to happen. So if you install a reliable VPN like Mena VPN, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. But what are the qualities of such a VPN? Next we answer this.

How To Find a Good VPN

Look for these qualities: Safety, Speed, Strength, and Support. Safety means that your VPN of choice shouldn’t collect any kind of data from its users, have a no-logs policy, and use the fiercest kind of encryption, such as AES-256. Speed, means that not only it shouldn’t diminish your connection quality and speed, but also it should increase it if possible. Strength is another factor about quality, meaning that it should have great anti-filtering abilities and power, so that you’re not stuck in any undesired situation, having a variety of choices in server and port. Support is as equally important as any of these. A good VPN for gaming, especially in UAE, should have a 24/7 support team behind it, so they can troubleshoot any issues you may run into.

Avoid This: Free stuff. First and foremost you should avoid using VPNs out there which carry the adjective free along with them. Nothing’s free in regard to VPNs. It has costs of all kinds, besides the technical costs there’s also more to keep up-to-date, to do research for better service, and to maintain a support team working nonstop. This all and much more are the costs of running a VPN providing business. Free VPNs aren’t exactly free, they sell data, and due to their servers sometimes being publicly exposed, can have major security risks for your personal data. So avoid them at all costs(pun intended), and learn more here: 5 VPNs to Avoid in the UAE

Having said all of this, you now know why every UAE resident needs a VPN, let alone those who want to do more and use platforms like roblox in UAE, and you are well aware that to have a VPN in UAE is a must not a nice-to-have, now are in need of a recommendation. Here it comes.

Mena VPN for UAE

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