Is Roblox banned in UAE? (2023)


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Children nowadays are hooked on technology. These technological advances changed the way children spend their free time after school and family matters. This includes the heavy usage of gaming consoles and other similar electronic devices. This might already give an idea of how they enjoy their childhood – most of the children of this generation are hooked on gaming.

One particular gaming platform is getting the attention of both kids and kids at heart. Roblox is an “online game platform and game creation system” created by the company of the same name, Roblox Corporation. In an online tech magazine interview, the company behind this game revealed that more than half of American children under 16 years of age are their primary users. The mentioned game is consistently one of the top ten games on different gaming platforms in most markets worldwide.

Given its popularity, it was nominated is some award-giving bodies dedicated to gaming. It also had a fair share of controversies, where Roblox banned in UAE is such a big deal in the previous years. Parents who experienced the ban without any prior notice could already be prepared on how they will be able to control their child’s tantrums.

What is Roblox?


Unless you live under a rock, Roblox is one of the famous free-to-use gaming platforms nowadays, especially for children. It was founded by David Baszucki and Eric Cassel in 2004 and released the online platform in 2006. The first version is a beta version named DynaBlocks initially and can be played in the following operating systems: Windows, iOS, Android, and Xbox One.

Technically speaking, it is not a game – but a platform where users can play games that another user sometimes creates. The games are free to download, but there are in-game purchases to enhance or personalize the gaming experience. The virtual community uses its currency, called the “Robux.”

If you live in Dubai or from the other emirates, buying the Roblox gift card UAE could be challenging. It is not sold in the local currency, which is dirhams, but in the denomination of US dollars. So you might be wondering why there is a need to purchase a gift card when the game is considered free. As earlier mentioned, the in-game purchases can give a “fully immersive” experience while in the virtual world. So if you would like to buy one in-store, a few gaming shops in the country are selling it. So buying from online marketplaces that can ship from the US to the UAE is the fastest way to get one. So when choosing the latter, always beware and be watchful for any information you provide online.

Is Roblox banned in UAE?


In 2018, the UAE government banned several gaming websites, including Roblox. According to various media outlets, it is blocked on the order of Dr. Hamad Al Shamsi, the country’s Attorney General. It is done in collaboration with telecommunication companies and internet providers, where they would restrict illegal websites and apps. This action happened during the same period when the Blue Whale Challenge became popular, a game that involves and encourages self-harm and suicide users. Roblox is considered to have the possibility of damaging children’s health. Another reason it is banned is due to the addicting effects of the game. There is a parental control feature available in the platform, but many reports that it is not working correctly.

Many questions about why did UAE ban Roblox. Some parents even took their concerns to social media, online forums, and even on some news outlets. They claim that their children use this online platform under their strict watch, and there is nothing to worry about. These parents are confident that it is safe for children, even with the presence of strangers that can play and chat with the player while on the gaming platform.

On the other hand, some parents are glad that the platform is banned. As stated previously, the possibility of swearing and sexually explicit content is always there, on top of the easy access to communicate with strangers. Children are generally advised not to play too many online games to allow them to interact more with people or other children in the real world.

How to play Roblox in UAE?


Like other banned apps and websites, a VPN like MenaVPN is generally the best option. However, be careful in using VPN or Virtual Private Network as it is generally not allowed for personal use in the UAE. Activating and allowing access to any VPN service to visit or use prohibited online content is punishable by law. It may provide access to those considered illegal apps and websites in the country. Many say that the guidelines and boundaries of using and/or subscribing to a VPN are not that clear, so it is highly recommended to always proceed with caution.

Reddit, a famous online forum website, was observed to have many posts about “is Roblox unbanned in UAE“ after a user mentioned that Roblox started to work without using a VPN. Around May of 2021, other Roblox fans started to comment on the same subreddit and had different assumptions regarding this issue. Some users assumed that the unban happened when the Roblox Corporation became a publicly-traded company and has been doing well due to the pandemic. This forced children to stay indoors and use the online platform more frequently. It is also reported that the rapid growth led them to have more than 31 million users daily in 2020.

As of writing, there is still no confirmation on why Roblox was unbanned as it is working well up to date without the help or the use of any VPN service.

Did Roblox get unbanned in UAE?


As mentioned earlier, there is no confirmation that Roblox is unbanned in UAE. Users who are commenting online insist that the gaming platform is working in perfect condition even without using a VPN. One of the main reasons it was banned is the inappropriate content in the user community, which could be hard to prove since most users are children and focused on gaming selection. It is also not clear if Roblox Corporation has already met the criteria for removing the inappropriate content to have their service working back in the country. Unfortunately, there is not much information about how it is unbanned, but the most important is that it can be played smoothly without turning on any other service.

Criticism of the use of Roblox


Aside from the threat of talking to strangers, Roblox has plenty of things to improve. Due to this, they have been harshly criticized by some. An example would be their implemented chat filtration system. It promised to filter inappropriate messages and content, but some cannot be deleted simultaneously. Believe it or not, Roblox Corporation has over 1,600 employees that monitor conversations and posts on the platform.

Another additional issue is the sexual content on Roblox, as some users create virtual sex clubs. The worst part is that the company mentioned that these creators are “communicating” through third-party platforms to which moderators do not have access. Reports say that it has improved through the years, but there is still a handful that cannot be deleted immediately.



We cannot deny the success and popularity of Roblox, especially among children. It could be challenging to see a child who does not know about it. Though it has a somehow masculine interface and logo, many girls are also playing with it. There are thousands of different games available on the platform having millions of game “creators.”

Like any other gaming software, app, or platform, the use in moderation is always the key. However, knowing our specific limitations whenever playing online games is essential, as it could affect our health, especially our eyes. Since this game also involves interaction which strangers, parents are strongly urged to monitor their children while playing Roblox. It could be a trap for sexual predators and criminals who would like to cause harm to children.

Let’s face the truth; there will always be a possibility for Roblox to have inappropriate content on their platform. So teach kids (and the kids at heart) to always play in moderation, and to do that, you can always download MenaVPN. It has a 7-days free trial and a 30-days money-back guarantee.

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