What Is The Best VPN for du?

What is the best VPN for du

How to Bypass du’s internet Filtering?

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du, alongside Etisalat, is a major telecommunication company in the UAE. They are both owned by the UAE government, so every regulation passed by the government is in harmony with the guidelines of these companies. So it stands to reason that these companies aren’t going to act differently regarding the internet restrictions. Every website, app, and online platform that the UAE government has outlawed, no matter what your ISP is, be it Etisalat or du, is restricted or blocked in the country, and can’t be accessed without a VPN. As we argue here, your money should go into buying the best VPN for the UAE, which means that it’s the best VPN for du and Etisalat. So what we do here is make it clear what the internet situation is in the UAE, then we give a brief tour of what VPNs are and how to find a good one, and finally leave you with our recommendation.

The Internet in UAE

The UAE has imposed a lot of regulations on the internet. This means that by controlling the internet service providers, namely, du and Etisalat, they control what content the user can view and what features they can use. This is supported by laws passed by the government. They are installed to protect the interests of these companies and prevent cyber crimes as well. So it m8ght be a necessity to learn what’s deemed legal and what not in the UAE; you ought to consult a lawyer for that, but for many of these concerns, you may read our blogs on the subject:

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VoIP apps and Telecom companies

The domestic Telecom companies and their interests are definitely the major reason behind the VoIP services being restricted. Both du and Etisalat, as we mentioned, are telecom companies that belong to the UAE government. This is no accident. In order to maintain a profitable enterprise, du for example, with an annual revenue of close to 3.5 billion dollars, the government sees to it that their interests are taken care of, and there’s no competition whatsoever, let alone something that puts their call services out of use, that is, free VoIP services provided by platforms such as WhatsApp, FaceTime, and Skype. So what has happened to them? They have been blocked and restricted, so the user has to use traditional phone lines to make their call, thus paying an overpriced sum for a single call, which otherwise would’ve been free. What’s to be done about them? A user must use an anti-filtering method to bypass these restrictions, and make that call. These methods must have four qualities: Safety, Speed, Strength, and Support. But first, let’s see what else is blocked in the UAE.

Blocked content

There is no surprise whatsoever in learning that a government restricts websites and apps for reasons political, cultural, or commercial. This happens in a lot of countries, even the most democratic ones. For example, there are many websites being seized or blocked by the United States’ authorities, because of criminal activity, or copyright violations. The case of the UAE is not so different after all. There are policies in place that favor telecom companies, so VoIP services that aren’t fruitful for those companies are blocked. The UAE government is Islamic, so any pornographic content is prohibited aamd hence blocked. Dating platforms, gambling sites are also blocked for the same reason. There is a list of 5000 websites, apps and platforms that are blocked or restricted in the UAE, so we aren’t going to (nor are we able to!) name them all.

Besides these, there are geo-restrictions for many services, such as Netflix and other platforms for streaming in UAE and gaming platforms like Roblox in UAE.

Now, we get into the bypassing methods which unblocks all of this content for you.

Bypassing Methods in the UAE

There aren’t that many ways to get around internet restrictions. Tge two most popular ones are now proxy servers and VPNs. There are now free whatsApp proxy for UAE all over the internet but we strongly recommend against them. First, they are not safe, since there’s no encryption of data, second, they only work for whatsapp or a website you’re using, and don’t tunnel all of your data, and third they diminish your connection speed so you probably can’t get a decent call to get through anyway.

VPNs on the other hand have far more features, if chosen wisely and with awareness. How to choose them so and so? Read on to find out.

A Brief Guide to The Best VPN in UAE

What a good VPN has, as we mentioned, are four elements: Safety, Speed, Strength, and Support. Right away we can see that of these four, a free VPN has none, so it’s not wise to download them anyway. Read our blogs on why it pays to pay for a good VPN:

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5 VPNs to Avoid in the UAE

We now know that to have a VPN in UAE is a must not a nice-to-have and why every UAE resident needs a VPN, but what do those four elements mean?

  • Safety means that your VPN should encrypt your data with the greatest methods of encryption. It also means a no-logs policy, so they don’t collect any data from you nor share it with any third-party.
  • Speed means that your VPN not only shouldn’t make your connection slower, but make it faster so your WhatsApp call is more smooth.
  • Strength means it should be a VPN that works in UAE. It should have many various servers in different locations on the planet, so you can have as many choices as possible to bypass restrictions.
  • Support is the most essential for a VPN in UAE. A good VPN offers 24/7 support for its users, so if there is any problem of any kind, they are on it as soon as possible, and they can guide the user wherever they need help.

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