Why Is WhatsApp Banned in UAE?

unblock whatsapp in UAE

Can WhatsApp work in UAE?

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Is WhatsApp really banned in the UAE? It works in every other place you’ve been, but it doesn’t in the UAE, so yes, it really is blocked. There’s a whole culture of internet restriction in the world. Governments, depending on how democratic or how totalitarian they are, impose various kinds of restrictions on the internet. This is done under pretexts of national security and safety, and though true in principle, since there are threats from hackers and cybercriminals of all kinds, the governments should help with that, but in practice, there is a line that the governments can cross and trespass on the user’s rights. It is crossed in the case of the UAE government. There’s a list of more than 5000 websites and apps that are either not available, restricted, or outright blocked in the UAE. This is impsed on more than VoIP services, it’s made impossible to do streaming in UAE like Netflix and Hulu, or play games on Roblox in UAE too. There are two major sorts of reasons primarily for this massive filtration of content. First, ideological reasons, that is politically sensitive, or religiously prohibited content. Second, commercial reasons, that is, a conflict of commercial interest between a website or a service, and that of the government. Now, we’ll argue that the reason for the WhatsApp ban is the latter, along with all the other VoIP services.

VoIP vs. UAE

There are no VoIP services functional in the UAE. Of course, there is one called BOTIM, provided by the government-owned domestic telecom giant Etisalat, and besides the fact that it charges you for a call, you can’t be sure if it’s safe to use, since, well, as we said it’s “government-owned”. This phrase itself is our clue to the answer to our title question: Why is neither WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype nor any other popular calling service available in the UAE? VoIP services are in peril in the UAE, and it’s because of the conflict of financial interest between any VoIP service provider and the UAE government, because almost all of the communication business is in the monopoly of the UAE government, and a regular and safe revenue stream since every resident and visitor has to pay for any call they want to make. So with the sudden rise of these free services such as WhatsApp and Skype this all can be threatened. All this being said, what’s to be done about it? Can WhatsApp be unblocked in the UAE? Yes, but you need a tool to bypass the blockage by. We believe the best kind is a VPN.

What is the best VPN for VoIP in UAE

What Good Is a VPN in UAE?

A VPN is a great device to get around all kinds of internet restrictions anywhere in the world. It is efficient, easy to use, and quite safe, and if you know how to choose the right VPN for your needs in UAE, it can be afforded with any income. It can bypass any restrictions imposed on the internet generally, and particularly the VoIP services will be liberated, and you can make your calls via WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype, or any other app of your own choosing. By getting a VPN that works in UAE, you are equipped with a tool that can maintain a fast and stable connection so you can have an uninterrupted voice- or even video- call. And as for matters of security, it can prove quite formidable if you are equipped with a reliable product from a respected company, since it encrypts your data by the end-to-end method, and won’t collect or share any of your personal data. To learn more, take a look at the articles we’ve written on how a VPN can protect your online privacy in UAE and what role can a VPN play in protecting your online security in the UAE.

Is VPN Legal in UAE, and Does It Matter?

You can take a look at these articles to learn more:

Is it illegal to use VPN in UAE

is using VPN in Dubai illegal

is using a VPN legal in UAE

Well, based on what we could gather from the UAE laws- and we’re no lawyers, so you could consult one before any action-, the use of VPN is illegal if used with the intent of doing something criminal. It doesn’t state if the use of VPNs in itself is illegal, but authorities might interpret their laws as such, and say that people might face legal troubles just for using VPNs in order to make a social call to a friend or a loved-one.

What Happens if You are Caught Using a VPN in the UAE?

Also, it is extremely difficult to prosecute the VPN users and make them suffer a VPN fine in UAE. There might be concerns like can the police track VPNs in the UAE, can you get caught using a VPN in UAE, or can VPNs be tracked in UAE? We think it’s unlikely, or very difficult. To support this claim, you can only look at the rising number of the VPN users all over the UAE. You can also take a look at our other articles on this matter:

So we ultimately think that it’s not a big issue whether VPNs are legal or not in the UAE, and instead you should shift your attention to looking for a safe and reliable VPN. In the articles below we’ve present the essential facts on what qualities to look for in a VPN:

But you don’t have to look any further, really, because the VPN for UAE is MenaVPN. It’s the only VPN that works in UAE.

Here comes why.

Is MenaVPN the Best VPN for UAE?

Mena VPN not only is the best, that is, in every user’s opinion, but it is the top VPN for use in UAE as well.

The company that owns the brand Mena VPN is based in the Netherland. This means that it is 100% in accordance with the European Union’s privacy policy. They won’t collect any of your data while giving your data the same level of encryption that a user from Europe enjoys, which ultimately means that your connection will be as secure as possible. Besides, Mena VPN has a 24-hour support team always ready to help you along the way, whenever you run into problems with your connection, and gives you advice on anything and everything VPN. Mena VPN is the only VPN that’s designed for the needs of a MENA region user in general and the UAE and Dubai residents in particular.

As we discussed, like any good VPN, Mena VPN offers you a 7-day free trial of the product, so you can try it out before you pay a dime, and see that what we say about its qualities is no exaggeration, and of course, Mena VPN costs less than any other major VPN on the market.MenaVPN has the lowest price among the VPN providers while offering the same if not better quality as other major brands on the market. You can purchase it with your own chosen method of payment, either by credit cards,  PayPal, in-app purchases, see, or, even through mobile sim card payments.

Read our blog on the 5 VPNs to Avoid in the UAE to get some ideas about what other VPN brands look like compared to Mena VPN. You can download it now and let it speak for itself. Mena VPN offers a money-back guarantee policy too, so you’re really getting a good deal.

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