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It may be possible, but it’s not likely that you can use discord without the aid of a VPN. Why? Since it is, along with many other websites, apps, and services, restricted and hence inaccessible. There are ways to bypass these restrictions and get back to the free world wide web we all know and live, and the easiest, the most affordable, and the most efficient way to do that is by using a VPN. So to make it clear once more, to have no doubt, in order to gain access to your discord account, your best option is a VPN. But not any VPN. Read to learn more about why it is so.

Why you should Use VPNs for Discord in UAE

A VPN is a tool that unblocks everything that’s either outright banned or restricted, like Discord, in UAE or any other place. How does it do that? Well we have written extensively on this matter in other places:

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Here we give as short an answer as possible. A VPN is an intermediary between your computer(or smartphone) and the website or app you’re trying to reach. It reroutes your network and creates a virtual tunnel to let through your traffic, while encrypting your data from end to end. This means that instead of your device, which accesses the website through a server appointed by your ISP(Internet service provider), you appear to be accessing it(via change of IP) from the new server that the VPN appoints to your device. In the first server, that of your ISP, websites are blocked, and in the second, that of the VPN, they’re not. So you can access Discord as easily and smoothly as that.

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What VPN to Use in UAE

The VPN we recommend is Mena VPN. A VPN for UAE user should be designed for a UAE user, that is, tailored to her needs, and Mena VPN is exactly that. Bit more so, a VPN that’s going to prove itself should have a number of qualities anyway. Most importantly, it should be functional, that is, it should work. This may sound obvious, but as most of us have fount out in different ways by downloading and installing some useless apps calling themselves VPN, it is a real thing. So see if the VPN has a free trial, and its support team are there for you any time of the day. Another major quality to look for is that it should be based in a country where there is free internet access, and its user privacy policies are tight. For example, countries in the European Union, the United States, and the UK are such places. Next, we make other points on how to choose the right VPN for UAE.

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How to choose a VPN for UAE

Look for these qualities: Safety, Speed, Strength, and Support. Safety means that your VPN of choice shouldn’t collect any kind of data from its users, have a no-logs policy, and use the fiercest kind of encryption, such as AES-256. Speed, means that not only it shouldn’t diminish your connection quality and speed, but also it should increase it if possible. Strength is another factor about quality, meaning that it should have great anti-filtering abilities and power, so that you’re not stuck in any undesired situation, having a variety of choices in server and port. Support is as equally important as any of these. A good VPN for Discord, especially in UAE, should have a 24/7 support team behind it, so they can troubleshoot any issues you may run into.

Avoid This: Free stuff. First and foremost you should avoid using VPNs out there which carry the adjective free along with them. Nothing’s free in regard to VPNs. It has costs of all kinds, besides the technical costs there’s also more to keep up-to-date, to do research for better service, and to maintain a support team working nonstop. This all and much more are the costs of running a VPN providing business. Free VPNs aren’t exactly free, they sell data, and due to their servers sometimes being publicly exposed, can have major security risks for your personal data. So avoid them at all costs(pun intended), and learn more here:

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5 VPNs to avoid in the UAE

Having said all of this, you now know why every UAE resident needs a VPN, and also gamers who want to do more and use platforms like roblox in UAE, and you are well aware that to have a VPN in UAE is a must not a nice-to-have, now are in need of a recommendation. Here it comes.

Mena VPN: The Best VPN for Discord in UAE

The VPN that excels in all of the above-mentioned ‘look for’ qualities, gives a 7-day free trial, and has a money-back guarantee is now here for the UAE residents and people from all over the MENA region. It is the top VPN for use in UAE and is designed for the use of UAE residents, and is called Mena VPN It is based in the Netherlands, hence it is in complete accordance with the EU policies on customer privacy and security. It neither collects nor shares data with third parties, and users can buy and try it while remaining totally anonymous. So get it now and see for yourself

How to unblock discord with a VPN in UAE

It’ as easy as it gets. Get a righteous VPN(you know we recommend Mena VPN), turn it on, and Voilà! Now you can use Discord, without any restrictions. The reason for it being blocked is the government filtering, which you bypass simply by using Mena VPN. Download it now and enjoy unlimited access!

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