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A Brief Guide to VPN in UAE

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The rise of VPN use in recent years has a number of reasons, most importantly among them are reasons of security and of anti-filtering abilities that these devices possess. Both of these reasons along with ease of use and affordability make a VPN a great product with a variety of uses, so it has become highly demanded all over the world, especially in countries where the internet is somewhat restricted, such as the UAE, and other MENA region countries. Now, it’s relevant to ask: How many people use VPNs in UAE and why?

In the UAE, a quarter of the country’s population are using VPNs. The number is still on the rise. Despite the apparent legal troubles and the crackdown on the VPNs in general by the UAE government, more and more poeple are downloading VPN apps to bypass restrictions.

But what are these devices, and how do they operate? How do you find a good one, and are the free VPNs good ones?

What Is A VPN?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. Virtual because it is a server remotely accessed, private because it encrypts data from end to end, and network because it tunnels your traffic through a different channel, that is, another network.

This makes it a great device to bypass restrictions, because you don’t to access the internet via the servers your ISP(internet service provider) connects you through, and reroutes your traffic through that one.

How does a VPN work?

VPNs act as intermediaries between you and the website you’re trying to reach. They receive your data, encrypt it and then guide you to the server, which holds the key to the encryption, and instead of you that server reaches the website, and your real IP is turned to that of the server. This means that the website you’re visiting, authorities, and hackers won’t be able to see your real IP, though your ISP can learn of the change of IP. Hence, our data is safe and secure. But speaking of authorities, Is it illegal to use VPN in UAE? Read on to learn more. You may also be interested in these topics:

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Is VPN Use Legal in the UAE?

Disclaimer: We’re not legal experts. Here we only share our personal takes on the legal situation, not any legal advice. To get that, you need to consult a lawyer.

VPNs are not strictly illegal in themselves. From what we could make out of the newest cyber-crime laws passed by the UAE government, the use of VPNs is illegal if it is with intent to commit or to aid a criminal activity. But what is deemed criminal, and to what extent, we can’t say. Is watching porn a criminal act? Probably. Is calling someone using WhatsApp a crime? Probably not. But legal technicalities like this are difficult to put into action. As the number of VPN users suggests, people aren’t worried about it that much, so we believe it not to be concerning either. To learn more take a look at our other blogs on the subject:

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How to Get a Good VPN

A VPN should have at least 4 qualities to be counted as a good one. We call them the 4 essentials. Security, Speed, Strength, and Support. Security means that the VPN you’re using must use safe and private servers, neither collect nor share your data, and have a no-logs policy. Speed means that your connection quality shouldn’t suffer any loss due to your VPN’s servers being crowded, since they ought to be private. Strength means that if your current server is down, or too low in speed, you have always the power to change it into another server in the same region, and bypass restrictions anyway and don’t get stuck to one choice. Support is the support team always behind every person who gets the VPN and needs help with it. A VPN should have a 24/7 support team so they always guide you through, recommend you servers for your particular use and more.

But there is another point, not among these four that needs making, and that is price. Are free VPNs really free? And are the paid ones worth your money? Read on to find out, or read our other article on the subject: free vpn vs paid vpn why it matters to pay for a good vpn

Free vs. Paid VPNs

Free VPNs are bad for you, according to some, since they’re exposed and not well-funded to be fortified against exposure, so your data may be at risk with them, even if the product itself doesn’t share or collect your data, which is another risk associated with them.

We don’t mean by that that every paid VPN is good, of course. Sure, for every good one you have to pay, but not the reverse. Here are 5 VPNs to Avoid in the UAE. Which paid ones are best? Those that are based in countries with great security standards and user privacy policies that are tight, such as the United States, or European Union. Also, they should offer free trials so you can see that it works for yourself, and have a vigilant support team always at the ready to make your troubles go away.

Why You Should Buy Mena VPN

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