The Ultimate Guide to using a VPN in the UAE

using vpn in uae

All you need to know about VPN and how to use them in UAE

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If you’ve never been to the UAE you might be wondering about the link between the acronyms VPN and UAE, mentioned in our title(and if you have, you’re here because you know what’s the link!)

There’s nothing inherently relevant between them, though it has become a bit of a crisis in daily life.

Due to the restrictions imposed on the internet in the UAE, one has to figure out ways to get around this obstacle and have unrestrained access to the internet, and a VPN is, in most experts’ opinion, the most efficient method for achieving that goal.

This is no laughing matter, for anyone who wants to go to the UAE or other MENA-region locations, since she’s going to have trouble in making calls via apps that lower the cost of a long-distance call like WhatsApp, from the sky-high prices that a telecom company such as Etisalat charges her. Other than that, a foreign visitor to the UAE might need to make a video call for a meeting through a service like Zoom, and that won’t take place normally and without an anti-filtration method. All these and more, present ample reasons for taking measures toward equipping oneself with a tool that’ll give you back your online freedom. That’s a VPN.

So, the first thing that acquiring a VPN does for you is that it liberates your internet from all obstructions. This is its most vital use, and it has many other qualities that we’ll get into shortly, but first, let’s give you a few essential facts about VPNs in general.

What is a VPN?

First, let’s learn the basics and have a brief tour of the mechanisms that make a VPN. The three letters in the word VPN represent the technical term Virtual Private Network, and if you knew the meaning of the words, it would be self-explanatory. According to many sophisticated experts, a Virtual Private Network creates a Virtual(right?) encrypted(which means Private) tunnel linking your device to the server(and this would be Network). There is a more technical answer, and it’s not for the faint of heart:

By using specifically dedicated circuits or tunneling protocols over already existing networks, a VPN creates a virtual point-to-point connection. It’s able to deliver some of the WANs’ features to the public Internet, and users can access the private network’s resources remotely. In many ways, it is by far the most affordable and easy-to-use method to get around the restrictions and have full access to all of the content on the internet.

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s a barrier-breaker for all of the internet’s content and more. I guess we should’ve said a lot more because what comes next is a part of what we meant by that.

What’s a VPN Good for in the UAE?

There are several advantages to using a VPN during your stay in the UAE. Here, we have made a list:

  • Using a VPN helps you protect your privacy while staying in the UAE. You may wonder how a VPN can protect your online privacy. Any VPN service provider that’s selling you your money’s worth, uses impeccable security features, such as AES-256 encryption and the Wire Guard tunneling protocol, to maintain a safe and secure connection between the user’s device and the server.
  • A VPN can also help you protect your WhatsApp or other VoIP-based calls from being penetrated by third parties or cyber-eavesdroppers.
  • All VoIP services like Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber are blocked in the UAE, so a VPN is necessary to use their services. That’s what it does, it unblocks.
  • A VPN encrypts all your online traffic and hides your public IP address. Fancy your privacy? Get a VPN!
  • A VPN can unblock any app, website, or online service that is blocked by the UAE authorities. Get a license to bypass, and enjoy!
  • Almost all VPN providers have high-speed servers in different countries. You can switch your IP to that of any country of your choosing. So they can undo geo-restrictions, enabling you to access content that otherwise, was geographically out of reach. Because of it, once you are connected to a VPN you can unblock streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube TV of your own country when you’re traveling to the UAE or staying anywhere inside the MENA Region. Tune in and binge-watch as much as you want!
  • Many VPN apps have extra features, such as a kill switch. It cautiously and continuously monitors your connection to the remote server to stave off your device from seeking unsound and unsafe connections. It cuts off your device’s or app’s internet access in the case of your VPN connection being terminated accidentally and unknowingly. This is also another way that VPNs protect your data and device. Your protection is its vocation!

VPNs do all this and even more, and I’d be happy to go on mentioning them, but a guide to using a VPN can’t be much of a guide without giving you some ideas as to how to find the best VPN on the market, so we’ll dig into that now.

How to find the best VPN in the UAE

I can give you the short answer right here, right now. It’s really easy. Care to venture a guess? Yes, MenaVPN! But since you are blessed with a curious mind(as am I!) and want to know more about this excellent topic, and want to try and see for yourself, here are some facts about what you should look for in a VPN to prove itself worth your time and dough:

  • Make sure the company you are going to obtain a VPN from supports your device’s operating system (iOS, Android, etc.) and offers the latest update to your device’s version.
  • Check if the VPN provider has received satisfactory feedback from its former users by checking its ratings and reviews on the market( Play Store, Appstore, etc.).
  • Get a VPN from a company that is based in the US or EU region. This way you can make sure that they’re providing you with a 100% secure connection that are obligated to comply with the EU privacy policies.
  • Look for a provider that employs servers. Check if the VPN provider has support for as many VPN ports as possible.
  • The provider should have superb unlocking abilities for all VoIP apps in the UAE.
  • It should provide you with a free trial so you can check if your VoIP services are unblocked, before paying anything.
  • The VPN provider should have VPN servers in various other countries where VoIP services are not banned.
  • Last but not least, any VPN worth any real money should provide you with fast and reliable support. Although it excels totally in all of the above-mentioned qualities, the last one is MenaVPN’s strongest point compared to other major VPN providers.

Here’s a guide to setting up the best VPN in UAE on your device.

VPN for iPhone in the UAE  VPN for android in UAE VPN for Window in UAE   VPN for Mac in UAE

What is the best VPN in the UAE?

Since we began this article, we have been insisting on using our very own MenaVPN. Here’s why it’s the top VPN to use in UAE:

  • Many VPN apps ask for payments before they provide you with a free trial. MenaVPN gives a seven-day free trial without asking for anything other than an email account.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the MenaVPN app for iOS or Android you don’t need to add an email address so you won’t share any of your details and if you use Apple in-app purchases for your payment method, you’ll retain 100% anonymity. In case you’re wondering how you’re going to contact us in your time of need, MenaVPN has opened up various means of support. You can either simply send us an email using [email protected] or leave us a message on WhatsApp. If none of those were to your liking, send us a message in our in-app support.
  • MenaVPN is based in the Netherlands and is registered as MenaVPN Holding BV. This means the company regulations are 100% aligned with the EU users’ privacy protection laws. We neither store nor collect any of our users’ activities. So while your MenaVPN app is enabled and turned on, you can explore the web with the maximum privacy level, the same level a user in the European Union can enjoy.
  • MenaVPN has the lowest price among the VPN providers while offering the same if not better quality as other major brands on the market. You can purchase it with your own chosen method of payment, either by credit card, PayPal, in-app purchases, or even through mobile sim card payments.

Still, having doubts? In case your doubts don’t have to do with questions such as is it illegal to use a VPN in the UAE, or is there a VPN fine in UAE, which we have treated in both length and their proper place, you can download it now and see for yourself, and free from further doubts, enjoy a 7-day trial for free!

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